Nobody’s Chasing Me

Song Title : Nobody's Chasing Me

Show Name : Out of This World

Character Name : Juno

Gender : Female

Age : Adult

Vocal Part : Alto

Range : F3-Bb4

Style : Uptempo (Golden Age)

Mood : Frustrated, Comedic

Context & Lyrics

Juno laments that she cannot find love in Olympus or Earth.

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The breeze is chasing the zepher
The moon is chasing the sea
The bull is chasing the heifer
But nobody’s chasing me.

The cock is chasing the chicken
The pea wakes up, pee-wee-wee
The cat is taking a lickin’
But nobody’s taking me.

Nobody wants to own me
And I object
Nobody wants to phone me
Even collect.

The leopard’s chasing the leopard
The chimp, some chap chimpanzee
The sheep is chasing the shepherd
But nobody’s chasing me.
Nobody’s chasing me.

The flood is chasing the levy
The wolf is out on a spree
The Ford is chasing the Chevvy
But nobody’s chasing me.

The bee is chasing petunias
The queen is chasing the bee
The worm is chasing the lettuce
But nobody’s chasing me.

Each night I get the mirror
From off the shelf
Each night I’m getting queerer,
Chasing myself.

Ravel is chasing Debussy
The avid chases the pee
The gander’s chasing the goosey
But nobody’s goosing me.
Nobody’s chasing me.

The la is chasing the lama
Papa is chasing Mama
Monseur is chasing Madame
But nobody’s chasing moi.

The dove, each moment, is bolder
The lark speaks muy petite
Triston is chasing Isolde
But nobody’s chasing me.

Although I may be Juno,
Believe it or not,
I got a lot of you-know
And you-know-what.

The snake, with passion, is shaking
The pooch is chasing the flea
The moose his love call is making
But nobody’s making me.
Nobody’s chasing me!

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Written by Trevor Forry


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