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7 New Children’s Musicals Every Theatre Kid Should Know About

Though we love a good rendition of Once Upon a Mattress or Seussical, there’s a whole slew of lesser-known musicals just waiting to be performed by young actors. In fact, Beat by Beat Press, a boutique publishing company founded by NYC playwrights, is dedicated to creating and licensing original children’s musicals that are total game-changers for your next production.

They have an entire repertoire of cool shows. Here are seven of our favorite:

1. Press Start!

press start musical, theatre nerds
Photo Credit: KD Markley Elementary

Kids and adults alike will enjoy this 90’s nostalgia-based piece. It’s composed entirely in Nintendo synthesizers and follows famous video game characters who find themselves in a bit of a pickle: running out of lives! Their solution? Host a fundraiser for gold rings in order to keep on playing.

Listen to the soundtrack and learn more HERE

2. The Grunch

Grunch musical, theatre nerds
Photo Credit: Monica Simoes

Inspired by Dr. Seuss’s iconic story, The Grunch is a love letter to theatre nerds everywhere. This tale dives into the incredible community that forms when putting on a show, and how we can never take away the “spirit of theatre”. (We dare you to keep your eyes dry during “It’s All Part of the Magic”.)

Listen to the soundtrack and learn more HERE

3. Space Pirates!

space pirates musical
Photo Credit: The Garden Players

A drab and dreary field trip goes awry when Gabby and her classmates get beamed into outer space. The whacky series of events that ensue help Gabby, a girl who gets picked on, become comfortable in her own skin. This show not only brings audiences a great lesson, but features aliens and pirates. Need we say more?

Listen to the soundtrack and learn more HERE

4. The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever

epic birthday musical childrens
Photo Credit: Richard Lurie

This mind-blowing show is like a G-rated version of Lord of the Flies…also with singing. When a backyard birthday bash turns into apocalyptic mayhem, a group of kids must build a new society from scratch — using only party supplies. It’s quirky, crazy, comedic and, of course, epic.

Listen to the soundtrack and learn more HERE

5. We Are Monsters

we are onsters the musical, theatre nerds
The Garden Players

Monsters aren’t just a figment of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” — they’re a major player in this thrilling kids musical. In We Are Monsters, human kids sneak into a monster cabaret in an attempt to gain followers for their YouTube channel. What could possibly go wrong?

Listen to the soundtrack and learn more HERE

6. Tut, Tut

tut tut musical, theatre nerds
Photo Credit: Ravi Kohli

Historical musicals are all the rage (*ahem* Hamilton) and Beat by Beat Press has got you covered. Tut, Tut is a loosely-based, contemporary take on the story of King Tut. This infamous King of Egypt took the throne at just 10 years old making it the perfect production for pint-sized actors.

Listen to the soundtrack and learn more HERE

7. Musicville

musicville musical, theatre nerds
Photo Credit: Monica Simoes

Imagine a world that takes place “inside” of music. This fantastical show chronicles protagonists Maiden Melody and Radical Rhythm as they embark on an adventure to defeat the Sorcerer of Silence. It’s an adorable, heartwarming journey that you don’t want to miss.

Listen to the soundtrack and learn more HERE

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