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5 Hacks To Create Your Own Performance Work On A Budget

Are you dying to show your talents to the world but lack the money to host a performance? Here are five performance work hacks that require little to no money:

1. Collaborate

When you collaborate with others, you have a lot of minds, strengths and talents working to create something great. Collaboration also makes things way more affordable, since any cost can be split among those participating. So, get together with your friends and start making some performing magic!

2. Use Technology

Most people now have a cell phone, laptop/computer or iPad (and if you don’t, you can borrow one from your local library or a family member). Record yourself using the video or audio feature of your device, then use a free app to edit clips together into a video, audio track or other creative project that shows off your unique talents. The greatest part here is that you won’t spend a dime!

3. Social Media

Whether you’re singing, reciting a monologue, appearing in a short movie or performing in a recital, upload your video or audio recording to YouTube, SoundCloud and any other free, applicable social media sites. You’ll get great exposure without shelling out any money.

4. Karaoke or Open Mics

With just a bit of research online, you can find local places that offer open mic nights or karaoke that caters to almost every taste and age bracket. Go show off your pipes and record your performance to later share with the world.

Can’t find one you like? Start your own! Visit local community centers and restaurants to see whether you can start a new weekly tradition.

5. Charitable Organizations

All over the world, charities, community and senior centers, hospitals and more are in need of talented performers to volunteer their time to entertain members, patients or fundraiser attendees. This is a great opportunity to try out new material in a nurturing environment, feel fulfilled for your art and give back to the community.

Have any other ideas for performing on a budget? Let us know in the comments below…

Written by Kimberly Faye Greenberg

Kimberly Faye Greenberg is the first and only actress to play Leading roles in 2 OFF-BROADWAY musicals at the same time. In addition, Kimberly's numerous portrayals of a FANNY BRICE have been critically acclaimed by the NY Times, Huffington Post and Associated Press and currently her solo show Fabulous Fanny Brice is touring the country. Kimberly has worked backstage as a Broadway wardrobe swing dresser on over 20 Broadway shows. As a Performing Arts Consultant Kimberly loves to inspire, educate and work with proactive Artists.

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