Marriage Proposal

Song Title : Marriage Proposal

Show Name : Falsettos

Character Name : Mendel

Gender : Male

Age : Adult

Vocal Part : Baritone-Bass

Range : B#3-E5

Style : Midtempo (Pop)

Mood : Romantic, Comedic

Context & Lyrics

Mendel makes a clumsy and offbeat marriage proposal to Trina.

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JASON (spoken)
This is how you make a marriage proposal.

I love you dear.
I think you’re swell.
You’re never near me close enough to tell
If I’m delightful or not.

I need your wrist.
I praise your thigh.
There’s not a guy,
There’s not a piece of paper,
There’s not a man in pants
Who could love you the same as I!

Oftentimes, lovers are crazy people.
Sometimes they kill each other.
Just like a biblical brother
Did to his biblical brother
Back in biblical times.

Biblical times?

Biblical times?

Uh, biblical times.

Oh, those’ biblical times!
I love your eyes.
I love your face.
I want you by my side to take my place
If I get sick or detained.

Don’t brush your hair, you?re perfect.
Don’t start to cry.
There’s not a guy,
There’s not a horse or zebra,
There’s not a giant man
Who could love you the same as I!

Forget that giant man,
He won’t love you the same as I!
I’m not a giant man,
But I’ll love you until,
Love you until,
I die!

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Written by Trevor Forry

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