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Would You Rather: Broadway Dream Role Edition

Time to declare your #rolegoals

Would you rather?

  • Question of

    Play Elphaba or Glinda

    • Elphaba
    • Glinda
  • Question of

    Elder Price or Elder Cunningham

    • Elder Price
    • Elder Cunningham
  • Question of

    Roxie Hart or Velma Kelly

    • Roxie Hart
    • Velma Kelly
  • Question of

    Max Bialystock or Leo Bloom

    • Max Bialystock
    • Leo Bloom
  • Question of

    Kate Monster or Lucy

    • Kate Monster
    • Lucy
  • Question of

    Phantom or Raoul

    • Phantom
    • Raoul
  • Question of

    Cinderella or the Witch

    • Cinderella
    • The Witch
  • Question of

    The Baker or a Prince

    • The Baker
    • A Prince
  • Question of

    Mrs. Lovett or Johanna

    • Mrs. Lovett
    • Johanna
  • Question of

    Jean Valjean or Marius Pontmercy

    • Jean Valjean
    • Marius
  • Question of

    Mimi or Maureen

    • Mimi
    • Maureen

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Written by Ben Bailey

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