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11 YouTube Videos To Watch If You’re Obsessed With ‘Anastasia’ On Broadway

“Anastasia: The New Broadway Musical” has become an overnight hit on Broadway, a fact that likely surprises absolutely no one who grew up humming “Journey to the Past” and dreaming of being together in Paris. This 1997 film is the latest movie to get the musical treatment, and it does not disappoint. Whether it’s the adorable and talented Christy Altomare (Anastasia), charming Derek Klena (Dimitri) or the always-astonishing Ramin Karimloo (Gleb), this cast has been featured in a slew of videos lately that have made fans craving more.

Here’s our roundup of 12 incredible performances and interviews that may just hold the key to your heart:

1. Christy Altomare Sings ‘Once Upon a December’

It’s always fascinating to see different takes on our favorite songs, and it’s so clear that Altomare has fully committed herself to the role of Anastasia as she yearns for her lost family and life.

2. ‘Anastasia’ Star Christy Altomare Performs ‘Journey to the Past’

Watch as Altomare totally nails the musical’s most iconic “I want” song — and feel free to sing along!

3. Christy Altomare and Derek Klena — ‘At The Beginning’ (The Broadway Princess Party)

Cartoon Dmitri may have been every six-year-old’s dream man, but real-life Klena certainly fits the bill and lives up to expectations in this swoon-worthy rendition of “At the Beginning” at 54 Below with Altomare.

4. Watch Christy Altomare, Ramin Karimloo and More Perform New Music From ‘Anastasia’ on Broadway

In this video, the cast of “Anastasia” performs “In My Dreams,” “My Petersburg,” “Still” and “We’ll Go From There.” This is the first look we’ve gotten at Karimloo as Gleb, and he’s just as awesome as we could have expected from this former Phantom.

5. Anastasia First Look — Derek Klena

Here’s the full-length clip of Klena performing “My Petersburg” at the 2017 BroadwayCon. YouTube commenters have been quick to fill in “I grew up in the Roxbury slums” as the song starts in a nod to “Chip on My Shoulder” from “Legally Blonde.”

6. ‘In a Crowd of Thousands,’ ‘Anastasia’ — Christy Altomare and Derek Klena

This song is a sweet addition to the “Anastasia” songbook, and gives a deeper look into the relationship between Anastasia and Dimitri. Have I been listening to this on repeat for days? You bet. Have I gotten tired of it? Not a chance.

7. First Look: Anastasia on Broadway

Watch this video to see a series of show clips that feature some of the stunning scenery and costumes in the show.

8. Never Have I Ever: Derek Klena of ‘Anastasia’

Okay, so this isn’t exactly music from the show, but listening to Klena reveal secrets surrounding broken bones, slutty Halloween costumes, cutting his own hair and falling onstage just makes you love him even more.

9. Russian Rhetoric With Derek Klena | TYLER MOUNT

In this video, YouTube sensation Tyler Mount plays “Russian Rhetoric” with Klena, who makes Mount guess the meaning of Russian phrases — and reveals we still have 13 new songs to look forward to!

10. Hot Sauce Roulette With Christy Altomare | TYLER MOUNT

“Oh my god, she will go far, it is my boo, Christy Altomare!” In this video, Mount returns to play “Hot Sauce Roulette” with our favorite star.

11. ‘Anastasia The Musical’ Cast Stopped by to Perform Tony Awards Series! | Billboard

In this video, Altomare and Klena perform “Once Upon a December,” “My Petersburg” and “In a Crowd of Thousands.” Yeah, we know these songs appear earlier on in the list, but they have yet to get old.

Because this show is pretty new to Broadway, it means we still have plenty of other videos to look forward to as more is released to the public. So use these videos to tide you over before the cast album drops on June 9 — you’re gonna need them!

What’s your favorite video? Leave us a comment below…

Written by Brianna Hand

Bri Hand is a writer, editor, and theater aficionado based out of Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to performing in musicals throughout high school, Bri spends her time doing deep research on them to fuel both her writing and conversations.

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