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8 Life-Winning Skills All Thespians Possess

1. We Can Decorate & Build Anything With Little To No Budget

Thespian Skills

Tell us you need a show designed with a fully furnished kitchen and living room, a starry night prom set, a high school classroom and a city street with a $300 budget? Don’t worry, we’ve got this.

2. We Gracefully Deal With Rejection (most of the time)

Thespian Skills

For thespians, handling rejection (well) is a great skill to learn. So what, we didn’t get the part…we think on how to better ourselves, keep calm, & be more prepared for the next audition. Remember that we’re all in this together, and rejection is part of the business. If we need to go cry into our cup of coffee, we do, but only for a moment because there is always (hopefully) another audition/opportunity around the corner!

3. We Can Tie Knots Better Than Any Boy Scout

Thespian Skills

Thief’s Knot? Got it. Clothesline Hitch? You betcha! Bowline? Now, do you want that right handed, left handed, upside down or right side up?

4. We Come In Clutch With Costumes

Thespian Skills

Costuming is probably one of the best parts of theatre (in my opinion), when an opportunity such as Halloween or Comic Con comes around… you’d better believe we are right there with our best efforts at hand!

5. We Understand The Human Condition And Have Great Amounts Of Empathy.

Thespian Skills

Thespians are some of the most understanding and caring people on the planet. Being an artist is a vulnerable rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. Whether an actor, who has to step into the minds of people in all situations, or a techie, who has to deal with the actors and their multiple personalities; you learn to understand everyone and every situation. At times, everyone in the industry needs a shoulder to cry on, or is ready and willing to offer their shoulder to someone else.

6. We Basically Keep Caffeinated Beverage Companies In Business


Who else needs to be highly caffeinated to do eight shows a week…once every day of the week and twice on Sunday? We do! Who needs to be at work call at 4:00am before the actors get in? We do! Who needs four shots of espresso five times a day? We do! (Not really, I think you might die if you had that much caffeine, but you get the point).

7. We Work Spectacularly Well Under Pressure


Thespians have a great ability to work well and even thrive in high-pressure situations. Actors have to go out on stage every night and perform their part, knowing many things could go wrong. Directors feel the heat for getting the show ready, musician’s need to know the music flawlessly, stage managers need to memorize the cues, and the list goes on. We even like the pressure, its exciting, and gives us fuel when the time for execution has arrived.

8. We Can Adapt To Any Situation & Solve Problems (quickly)


The lead actress’ dress just ripped and her cue to go back on is on 45 seconds, stitch that rip! A Fellow actor flops on a line or is not there for his/her cue on time? Improv is life! Term paper due in the next hour? Turn on Wicked and defy the gravity of that situation because you are a Thespian who can handle anything with grace and poise. Now, go out there and be the beautifully talented, crazy resourceful person you are!

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Written by Samantha Shepherd

Samantha is a sophomore at the University of North Texas working towards a BFA in Theatre Arts


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