Poll: 21 Chump Street Opinions

Was Justin innocent? Did the cousins have anything to do with him being busted? What did Naomi mean when she said, “We aren’t done,” in “The Money?” Was Naomi actually doing her job and doing it right?

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    Did Justin deserve to be arrested?

    • Yes, Justin went out of his way to get that weed to Naomi.
    • No, Naomi tricked him and forced him to take the money!
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    Was Naomi the villian?

    • Yes! Justin said he didn’t smoke weed! Everything could’ve ended right then.
    • No, she was just doing her job.
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    My favorite song from 21 Chump Street is easily…

    • What The Heck I Gotta Do
    • One School
    • Cousin
    • The Money
    • Epilogue
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    What do you wish hadn’t happened in the musical?

    • Naomi
    • Justin switching seats
    • Justin trusting Naomi right away
    • Justin saying, “But if that’s what you need, I can find some for you,” in “One School”
    • The cousins getting weed for Justin
    • Justin giving the weed to Naomi
    • Justin being busted
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    Do you cry listening to 21 Chump Street?

    • Yes, it’s heartbreaking to me!
    • No, it’s not that sad to me.
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    What are your thoughts on Justin’s cousins?

    • They should’ve said no, too!
    • They’re good people, they worked hard for their lil’ crushing cousin. For love.
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    Who’s your favorite character in 21 Chump Street?

    • Mr. Lin-knows-all (The teacher/ professor in the beginning/ The narrator)
    • Justin
    • Naomi
    • Justin’s classmates/ cousins
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    Did Naomi actually like Justin?

    • Yes, remember? “We aren’t done,” in “The Money,” and “There are kids you remember, the ones that you’ll think about after you’re gone,” in “One School” and “Epilogue.”
    • No, if she did, she wouldn’t have put Justin in such bad places throughout the musical.
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    Finally, do you think 21 Chump Street is overrated?

    • Yes, yes, yes! It’s so great, and no one pays attention to it!
    • Not really. I don’t love it.

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