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Can You Smash This Sondheim Lyric Quiz?

Stephen Sondheim. The most successful composer and lyricist in Broadway history. With 8 Tony Awards to his name, this man has a writing career spanning around 50 years. But if there is something he’s good at, it is writing interesting lyrics. So do you know them?

  • Question of

    “With a click, with a shock, _____”

    • “Hear the ticking of the clock”
    • “Something’s coming in a flock”
    • “Phone’ll jingle,, door will knock”
  • Question of

    “Now’s your inning, _____”

    • “Stand the world on its ear”
    • “Take a deep breath and sing”
    • “Show the world that your here”
  • Question of

    “Why I’ll be so conscientious _____”

    • “That I can roll MY dice”
    • “That I may vote twice”
    • “We can dance all night”
  • Question of

    “A wedding. What’s a wedding? _____”

    • “It’s a stupid little joke”
    • “Why are you asking me?”
    • “It’s a prehistoric ritual”
  • Question of

    “She says that he’s her idol, _____”

    • “IdolIdolIdolIdol”
    • “My Idol!”
    • “I love him!”
  • Question of

    “Quick, send in the clowns. _____”

    • “Where are the clowns?”
    • “Don’t bother, they’re here.”
    • “There ought to be clowns”
  • Question of

    “Well, then, if you’re British and Loyal, _____”

    • “Then I’ll give it too you clean”
    • “Then go for a stage”
    • “You might enjoy Royal Marine”
  • Question of

    “As we pass through _____”

    • “Arrangements of Shadows”
    • “Our perfect park”
    • “A perfect Sunday”
  • Question of

    “You know nothing of madness _____”

    • “in the woods”
    • “Till you’re climbing her hair”
    • “On the steps of the palace”
  • Question of

    “I’m so happy _____”

    • “Having you here”
    • “That you exist”
    • “I think I’ll die”

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Written by Luc Jones

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