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Man Up! Try This Book of Mormon Lyric Quiz

Hello! My name is Elder Jones. And I would like to see if you could beat this quiz I made!

  • Question of

    “Two by two, we march for victory! _____”

    • “Armed with the greatest book in history!”
    • “On our mission it’s just you and me!”
    • “We’re off to preach across land and sea!”
  • Question of

    “Sleep now, little buddy. _____”

    • “Don’t worry anymore”
    • “Throw your cares away”
    • “Tommorow’s a Latter day”
  • Question of

    “You all know the bible _____”

    • “Is the is the story of God’s love”
    • “Is a Christian’s pride and joy”
    • “Is made of testaments old and new”
  • Question of

    “Time to battle darkness, _____”

    • “You’re not my father!”
    • “And man up harder!”
    • “Just like my father!”
  • Question of

    “Down, down thy soul is cast! _____”

    • “Into the realm of Satan”
    • “From the Earth whenceforth ye came”
    • “Because of all your sins”
  • Question of

    “And it will set us free. _____”

    • “From Satan’s hold”
    • “From the strain of our sins”
    • “It’s time to be immersed.”
  • Question of

    “Every dinner needs a side dish-_____”

    • “On a slightly smaller plate”
    • “Every person needs a friend”
    • “To keep themselves in check”
  • Question of

    “When I was in the fifth grade, _____”

    • “I drank a lot of coolade”
    • “I had a friend, Steve Blade”
    • “I thought I was gay”
  • Question of

    “Mama once told me a place, with waterfalls and _____”

    • “Rainbows all around”
    • “Nobody’s dying”
    • “Unicorns flying”
  • Question of

    “Hello-Hi!-My name is _____”

    • “Elder White”
    • “Elder Green”

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Written by Luc Jones

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