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Exclusive Video: Broadway’s Ali Ewoldt Answers Your Questions

I had the privilege of sitting down for an interview with Phantom of the Opera’s Ali Ewoldt. Ali joined the cast as Christine Daaé on June 13th, becoming the first Asian-American to play this iconic role. As I entered the stage door of the Majestic theater, I couldn’t help but feel like giddy and even a little nervous. For many of us, Broadway is a dream that seems far off, and I only recently started working in this fascinating industry. Once inside the Majestic, the Theatre Nerd crew was ushered into Ali’s dressing room, which barely fit the three of us. One thing that always surprises me is how small things are in NYC, especially backstage of Broadway theaters (I Digress).

Phantom, Ali Ewoldt, Theatre Nerds
Ali Ewoldt (Christine) & Jordan Donica (Raoul)

You never know how these things will go, there are many personalities that exist on the great white way. It didn’t take long to discover that Ali was not only amazingly talented but she’s also extremely kind and warm-hearted. Though I blabbered on and occasionally appeared star-struck, she answered your questions with thoughtfulness and gave us an amazing inside look at this dream come true. Her generosity and professionalism made it easy for me, and I really enjoyed our chat.

We covered a multitude of topics including her childhood, journey to Broadway, getting the role of Christine, and advice for young actors/actresses wanting to pursue a career in theatre. I hope you enjoy my interview with Ali Ewoldt, thanks for watching!

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