Quiz: Which ‘Something Rotten’ Character Are You?

Are you Nick Bottom? Or maybe you’re Shakespeare himself?

  • How would you describe yourself? (Be honest)

    • A dreamer
    • The no-nonsense type
    • Kind of a show-off
    • I’m destined for greatness!
    • A proud feminist
    • Too innocent
    • Crazy
  • What do you think about Shakespeare?

    • Totally over-rated
    • No opinion
    • He’s great!
    • He’s the best person on this earth and is better than anyone that has ever existed.
    • Any type of writer or performer is bad as far as I’m concerned.
  • What’s your opinion on musicals?

    • It’s the best thing that was ever created!
    • Regular plays are better
    • Any type of art is amazing as long as it’s true
    • It’s good if the right people are doing it.
    • I don’t like them.
  • What do you think about love?

    • What about it?
    • The only love you need is the love of Jesus.
    • Love overcomes all obstacles!
    • Love is a beautiful thing that can open the hearts of the ignorant
    • Love is pretty important, I guess
    • Everyone needs a right hand man (or woman) 😉
  • What’re your views on feminism?

    • A woman should be able to do what she wants
    • The man should provide for the woman.
    • I don’t really pay attention to these types of matters.
    • I see a great outcome for women in the future
    • I don’t care.
  • What’s your favorite song from the musical?

    • God, I Hate Shakespeare
    • Right Hand Man
    • We See The Light
    • A Musical
    • Will Power
    • Hard To Be The Bard
    • To Thine Own Self
    • I don’t like this musical and I don’t know why I’m here
  • Lastly, Omelette or Hamlet?

    • Omelette!
    • Hamlet!

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Written by Morgan

Theatre is my life. Musical theatre is my jam. I'm making quizzes about lesser known and underrated musicals so that they'll finally get noticed! 😆

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