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How Theatre Kids Can Stay Sharp During Summer Vacation

Hey Actors! Here’s what you should be doing this summer to stay on top of your game!

1. Practice Meditation.

Tons of actors use regular meditation as a way to up their presence and groundedness on stage. Get in the game by checking out YouTube for some guided videos. Daily practice will help keep you balanced (on and off the stage) when school starts again in the fall.

Tip: HeadSpace is a great meditation app for your smart phone

2. Read at least a play a week!

By the end of the summer you’ll have tons of new plays under your belt and a STRONG monologue game. It’s also the time that you can fill in any…um…”gaps in your repertoire.*cough* anyone else who has never read Death of a Salesman *cough*

Tip: Need more ideas? Here’s 5 Classic Plays All Thespians Should Read

3. See more theatre.

Shakespeare in the Park, Summer Stock…find some “pay what you can” nights and have a ball!! Mastering a craft is a combination of practice and observation. The summer is the perfect time to hone in on the “observational” part. See theatre, watch movies, get inspired! And don’t forget-it’s just as valuable to see theatre you hate as it is to see theatre you love. Really try to be a good student and get in touch with why you didn’t like a performance.

4. Don’t forget what you’ve learned (Aka PRACTICE!).

You know those voice exercises that your teacher said you should be doing every day? But then homework and tests and sleep happens…? The summer is prime time to really give attention to those stretches, throat openers, posture exercises, and all that fun stuff. Come back to school even better! Not rusty!

5. Have diverse experiences.

Remember: interesting, well-rounded, experienced people make interesting, well-rounded, experienced actors! Go have some fun! Try new things, go on a road trip, take a totally random class on something not theatre-y. I remember the last day of freshman year, my acting professor said “This summer, go kiss some boys or something!” The summer is the time to have fun! Gather an arsenal of kick-ass experiences for you to draw upon when scene study class comes back around.

6. Do theatre.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the best way to stay sharp is to keep performing. It doesn’t matter where. It could be a community theatre, children’s theatre, camp, or a one man (or woman) show in your parents living room; just perform. The more you perform the more confident and comfortable you will feel on stage.

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Written by Lauren Tothero

Lauren is an LA-based actress who received her BFA in Theatre from NYU. She’s the founder of Daily Ingenuity, a blog that promotes balance and emotional well-being among emerging actresses. Visit Lauren's Blog

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