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16 Pre-Show Preparation Personalities: Which One Are You?

Tech week is over and it’s game time. Every actor in the cast handles the pressures of opening night differently. Which of these types of actors are you?

1. The Procrastinator

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The procrastinator shows up unprepared, hasn’t learned their lines or blocking, but nonetheless creates pure magic on stage. You love to hate them but are secretly envious of their effortless approach.

2. The Superstitious One


The Superstitious actor wears the same underwear three nights in a row, they’d never dream of uttering anything other than a “Merde” or “Break a leg” backstage, and they have a pre-show routine that they’re sticking to no matter how monotonous.

3. The Overly Warmed Up


You’re warmed up and ready to go, yet somehow the Overly Warmed Up actor is still going strong, ‘toy boat, toy boat, toy boat, toy boat, toy boat…’

4. The Inspirational Quote Actor

Funny-Motivational-Overconfidence-Cat-And-Bird-ImageThe inspirational quote actor’s dressing room mirror is plastered with positivity. “I’m great, you’re great, we’re all great!”

5. The Character Geography Obsessed Actor


My character’s birthstone is Amethyst, she was born at 3:45am on a Wednesday, her first word was Pop-Tart, she doesn’t like socks and she loves trees….

6. The Silent Type


The silent type is stoic and reserved. You’ll most likely catch them chugging Throat Coat and sucking on lozenges. Must. Preserve. Vocal. Integrity.

7. The Researcher


The researcher knows everything about the show from the type of undies worn during the time period to what was happening in the news that week. You can catch the researcher scrolling through Wikipedia while waiting in the wings.

8. The Crash Dieter


There’s a crash dieter in every cast. Whether it’s their nerves or body consciousness, they’re bound to give the costume department grief. I

don’t know what happened, I just ate nothing but celery and salsa every day for a week and now my costume is too big!

9. The Stress Eater


The Green Room snack table is empty and the stress eater is to blame. He’s the one covered in artificial cheese powder from all those Cheetos.

10.The Music Freak


The music freak has crafted a highly complex playlist that brings out the elaborate emotions of their character’s journey. Don’t try to talk to him, his earbuds aren’t coming out until his first cue.

11.The Social Media Monster


The Social Media Monster’s way of getting into character is by Tweeting their character’s inner monologue, posting costume selfies and shamelessly self-promoting. Hey, somebody’s got to get butts in the seats.

12.The Partier


The partier’s idea of preparation is a birdbath-size of tequila to take the edge off.

13.The Buddha


Tai chi, meditation, yoga, you name it. The Buddha is serious about getting seriously Zen before that curtain goes up.

14.The Jumper

The Jumper jumps around backstage, mindlessly hoping up and down before each entrance. This appears to be all the prep work needed for them.

15.The Pacer

Much like the jumper only with pacing.

Hamster in a wheel

16.The Overly Caffeinated

The overly caffeinated actor warms up with a pot of Joe. He may be twitchy but he’s ready to let loose once he hits the spotlight!

Actor preparation

There’s no wrong way to prepare as long as it works for you. (Okay, maybe don’t drink the birdbath-sized cocktail until after the show.)

Did we miss one? List your prep persona below!

Written by Lisa Kay Jennings

Lisa is a voice over actress and writer with her B.F.A in Acting from Wright State University. Lisa lives in Los Angeles and when she's not writing or performing she's usually drinking wine and dressing up her Shih Tzu in funny outfits.


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