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What It Feels Like To Get Obsessed With A New Musical

No theatre nerd is born knowing every note, line and nuance of every show, and sometimes the process of discovering a new musical and falling in love with it can be just as fun as going to see the show in person. Here are 15 gifs that show exactly what it feels like to become obsessed with a new musical.

1. When someone says, “Hey, have you heard of [insert musical name here]?” and miraculously, you haven’t.


2. When you go onto Spotify and hesitatingly click on the overture, unsure whether this will be worth your time.

3. When your interest is piqued enough that you go onto Wikipedia to read the plot all the way through and line up the songs with the action surrounding it.

4. When your first run-through of the album leaves you impressed, so you go back to the songs that initially made your heart feel good.

5. When you play those songs to death and then realize the rest of the album makes your heart feel good, too.

6. When you finally accept the fact you love everything about this album and play it on repeat as you block out all other things happening in your life.


7. When you don’t quite know all the lyrics yet, so you belt out the fragments you do know and fudge the rest.

8. When you finally do memorize all the lyrics and you put on a one-person show from beginning to end for yourself (and your family and neighbors).

9. When you go on YouTube and watch every video that’s ever been associated with the show in the history of time.


10. When knowing the lyrics isn’t enough, so you also jam out during the instrumental breaks.

11. When you internet-stalk the entire cast and their show history because you cannot get enough of them.

12. When you use up far too much energy wondering which character you’d play if you ever got a chance to be in this show.

13. When you can’t help but slip references to the musical in casual conversation.,c_limit/flash-fantasticks.gif

14. When you refuse to stop talking about the show until your friends cave and check it out.


15. When your friends concede that your musical recommendation is solid — but have you heard of [insert musical name here]?


What’s it like when you get obsessed with a new musical? Let us know in the comments below…

Written by Brianna Hand

Bri Hand is a writer, editor, and theater aficionado based out of Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to performing in musicals throughout high school, Bri spends her time doing deep research on them to fuel both her writing and conversations.


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