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17 Hilarious Audition Memes Only Theatre Geeks Will Understand

If the following memes make you laugh (or sigh, or roll your eyes, or begin weeping uncontrollably), there is a good chance that YOU might be a bona fide theatre geek!



  1. That was me for Anything Goes. I was PERFECT for Reno Sweeney and everyone thought I was going to get her, but I guess I was just too perfect!

  2. I thought I would be Touchstone in “As You Like It.” All my friends thought so too. Ended up with Le Beau, but also Touchstone’s Understudy. NO REGRETS

  3. This was me when I was auditioning for Legally Blonde. Everyone thought I was going to get Chutney, but I was just too good I guess!

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Commencing stages of grief in 3...2... 😭 

  1. OMG!!!!!! My dream show is Mary Poppins but the high school I will be going to is doing it next year A YEAR BEFORE I GET THERE!!!!! UHG!!! And now I will NEVER be able to do Mary Poppins!!!!

    • I’m the same way. In my town, they were putting on Les Miserables, and I didn’t audition because I didn’t think I could. Turns out I could have. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do Les Mis…

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You’ll either REALLY get this one, or really not…

  1. OMG!! I did Aladdin Jr. recently and 33 girls auditioned… 3 guys auditioned. Only one of them could sing but refused to be Aladdin… that was fun! Speaking that I had to sing “A Whole New World” with someone who is tone deaf!!!

    • Same!! A whole bunch of girls auditioned last year with me when I did Aladdin. Only 4 guys auditioned, and 3 girls ended up playing Iago, Genie, and Jafar.

  2. This is literally panto auditions last year 😂 10 guys and 170 girls for 30 parts (half guys half girls) 😂

  3. I just did this! 2/4 guys dropped out, and the girls all looked over expectantly, and the directors brought in NEW NONTHEATER GUYS

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Well sure, because she could ju—oh wait, hang on…

  1. I was in a show where i was only 15 years younger than the actorplaying my father and was 8years older than the Girl playing my older sister. Lol


(Sorry if this one's legitimately too painful to laugh at.) 😞

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Hey, you know you can't argue with that...


*whacks actor with rolled up newspaper* NO!!


Isn't there, like, a law against this or something? 

  1. That just happen to me!!!! I was auditioning for Fern in Charlottes Web and they made me read Wilbur I didn’t know those lines!!!

  2. YES!! This happened to me at my last audition! I was trying to decide between Jasmine or the Genie. So I decided to sing for Jasmine and read for the Genie. So I sang, then they had me come back in to do Jasmine lines!

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feed the cat, wash the car, take a nap, call your mom, bake a pie, vacuum floors, learn to knit, mow the lawn, write your memoir, learn Chinese, briefly consider self taping audi—, call someone else’s mom, learn to juggle, polish the doorknobs, dust the mailbox, name your toes, feed the cat…


(Fun fact: sometimes, it’s BOTH.)


Share your dream roles in the comments?? 😘

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Hahahahahaha! That was just a trick to see if you were paying attention.

(They really can’t.)

  1. I was just told by a director on Wednesday thatshe would have cast me but the playwright wanted someone younger. Now I’m the stage manager. 😩


I guess it's a good bad problem to have?




Oh, don’t even think it won't happen to you...


Thanks for nothing, treacherous Sister-in-Law.


^ ^ (I think that’s actually the shortened version)

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