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17 Hilarious Audition Memes Only Theatre Geeks Will Understand

If the following memes make you laugh (or sigh, or roll your eyes, or begin weeping uncontrollably), there is a good chance that YOU might be a bona fide theatre geek!



  1. Thought I was going to be the feather duster (whos name i forgot) in Beauty and the Beast cause I have a tiny accent and am a huuuge flirt but i guess the director thought i was just tooo perfect! Yay me

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Commencing stages of grief in 3...2... ? 

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You’ll either REALLY get this one, or really not…

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Well sure, because she could ju—oh wait, hang on…

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(Sorry if this one's legitimately too painful to laugh at.) ?

  1. I’m doing Mary Poppins right now and we legit have 5 sopranos and like 15 altos it’s just ughh because of course the altos all just use one note and we have to fill out the other three

  2. My choir is like 60% Soprano and 30% Alto and 10% yelling (there is 101 girls and one angry teacher but we love her anyway) but my theatre has like 70% Altos and 30% soprano and I am a proud soprano lmao

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Hey, you know you can't argue with that...


*whacks actor with rolled up newspaper* NO!!


Isn't there, like, a law against this or something? 

  1. This just happened to me! I was asked to prepare for Mama Morton in Chicago and halfway through the audition they asked me to read for Velma instead. Although it’s kind of an upgrade, I was not prepared.

  2. I wanted a part…even though they weren’t the biggest..(Alice from Addams Family) go to callbacks hoping for my dream role…and thank the theatre lords it was the only part I got called back for…and got..:)

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feed the cat, wash the car, take a nap, call your mom, bake a pie, vacuum floors, learn to knit, mow the lawn, write your memoir, learn Chinese, briefly consider self taping audi—, call someone else’s mom, learn to juggle, polish the doorknobs, dust the mailbox, name your toes, feed the cat…


(Fun fact: sometimes, it’s BOTH.)


Share your dream roles in the comments?? ?

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Hahahahahaha! That was just a trick to see if you were paying attention.

(They really can’t.)


I guess it's a good bad problem to have?




Oh, don’t even think it won't happen to you...

  1. Auditioned for Hook, got cast as Mrs. Darling… I think that’s gotta be the weirdest feeling ever. I mean I’m a girl, they were casting Hook for either gender… but how does one go from reading for Captain Hook to getting Mrs. Darling?

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Thanks for nothing, treacherous Sister-in-Law.


^ ^ (I think that’s actually the shortened version)

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