Watch Young Girls Cover Of Defying Gravity Shock Judges

12-year-old Beau Dermott amazed the crowd & judges on Britain’s Got Talent with her rendition of the hit song from Wicked.

No-one was expecting this powerful voice to come out of a 12-year-old, not to mention the vocally challenging song from one of Broadway’s biggest hits ever. The performance moved judge Amanda Holden so much, she hit her “golden buzzer”, which automatically sent Beau to the live semi-final round. Even Simon Cowell showed a grin of approval along with a standing ovation.

Since the broadcast a couple days ago, we have learned Beau received professional vocal training and has won a few other lesser-known competitions. Its fair to point out however, doing this on such a big stage at age 12, is an amazing feat no matter where you come from. Who knows, with pipes like that, maybe we will see her name on a marquee on Broadway or the West End in the near future.


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