10 Things That Every Thespian Can Relate To

#1 You practise your choreography in public and get weird looks

#2 You do this little dance when people get your theatre reference

#3 The feeling you get when your show finally ends

  1. the feeling is like when u think of something along the lines of “Oh no its closing night what am i going to do with my life i gotta find another show etc.”lol

#4 You tend to be a “little” dramatic

#5 Trying on your costume for the first time

#6 When you finally get the complicated choreography

#7 You break out into show tunes at karaoke parties

#8 You try out different makeup looks for your costume

#9 Trying to sing all the parts to the one song by yourself

#10 Wanting to see more live shows but not having enough money

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Written by Beth R

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