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Wicked Obsession: 13 Reasons We Still Love Wicked 15 Years Later

A successful musical is like a delicious batch of brownies; it takes the right ingredients. Besides being highly “brandable” with a remarkable score, Wicked dealt with issues and lessons that were relevant with the current times and culture.

With its Broadway debut in 2003, the nation was undergoing several changes. We were all still recovering and trying to understand 9/11, catching up to the digital age, and undergoing a new renaissance of tolerance with peoples race, religion, and sexual preference. Young women, raised on a diet of empowerment were hungry for strong and dynamic female role models in popular culture.

Wicked was an instant hit, and 13 years later it is one of the most successful shows to ever hit Broadway, recently hitting $1 Billion in total box office revenue. The ingredients that made this delicious long lasting hit are the lessons and reminders continuously echoed in the Gershwin Theatre 8 times a week.

To celebrate 13 years on Broadway, here are 13 lessons Wicked taught a generation:

1. It taught us that our “differences” are often our biggest assets…

Wicked musical

2. And that “popular” is relative.

Wicked, Wicked Musical

3. It taught us to live in the moment…

Wicked Musical

4. Because many good things come to an end.

Wicked, Wicked Musical

5. It taught us things (& people) aren’t always the way they seem…

Wicked, Wicked Musical

6. And even a wizard is still only human.

Wicked, Wicked Musical

7. It taught us unlikely friendships can be made…

Wicked, Wicked Musical

8. And reminded girls they could defy gravity.

Wicked, Wicked Musical

9. It taught us to dance through life…

wicked, wicked musical

10. But don’t forget the important issues in society.

Wicked, Wicked Musical

11. It taught us to help each other in times of need…

wicked, wicked musical

12. And often, being “good” is a choice we make.

wicked the musical

13. But at times, we are all just a little bit…WICKED.

13 reasons we still love wicked

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