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Amélie a musical based on the movie of the same name made its way to Broadway but was closed soon after. Was it too soon? The production Amélie is about a girl who, as a child, was hidden from the real world for the most part, as her father mistakenly diagnoses her with a heart defect. She is at Notre Dame, where her mother is praying for a son as she believed it would solve the problems of her daughter’s creativeness. As she is leaving she witnesses her mothers death which happens when a tourist falls on her. As she grows old she quickly realizes she does NOT understand the world around her, and for multiple years avoids contact with people, including the people she works with as a waitress at “The Windmill Café”. As she finds a box that belongs to the old owner of the apartment. She decides that if she can find the owner and return it she will become an anonymous do-gooder. After she returns meeting many unique characters. She sees a man lose his book. This is where the romance begins. In the song(Sisters Pickle) she disguises as a nun to return the book and decides she will try to stay in touch. But chickening out last minute just leaves pieces of her disguise as hopes he will try to find her. Through her dad’s obsession with a gnome, her do-gooding, and her social awkwardness they end up together. Though it takes work they get to the point of a romantic relationship. Though there are worries about the relationship they both talk about how they would not be upset about the relationship ending(although we all hope it will last).

People involved in this including the actors and actresses, crew, but very importantly the writers Daniel Messé and Nathan Tysen, one of whom wanted to make this a musical since they saw the movie the very first time.

Dates relevant to the show 

August 29, 2015-Opening at Berkeley

October 18, 2015-Last show at Berkley

December 4, 2016-Opening at Ahmanson Theatre in LA

January 15, 2017- End of showing at the Ahmanson

March 9, 2017- The official beginning of previews on. broadway at The Walter Kerr Theatre

April 3, -Official Opening

May 21, 2017- The (much too early) closing of Amélie

The Closing of Amélie

Some feel the closing of Amélie wasn’t closed soon enough but many feel it closed much too soon(I’d agree). Despite a marvelous cast, they were excluded from Tony Nominations (despite the show being phenomenal). Unfortunately, due to not getting nominated there was minimal popularity. This means it was not producing enough money to stay running. The show coming to a close so abruptly luckily cause a large sale of tickets for the last performances meaning there is hope of a revival.

Personal connection:

When I saw the movie I was immediately attached and also thought a great production could be made. Luckily later it was announced. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see at Berkeley or in LA. When I heard Soo and Berat were both remaining in the cast I knew I HAD to see it. As I am young and reliant on my mother because I cannot get tickets let alone go to NY alone I had to wait to go. When the closing was announced I ran to my mother sobbing, as I was busy all the way to the closing I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to go, especially on short notice. At first, she thought I was joking, when I showed the official announcement I ran to my room crying. Later she called me and told me she had gotten tickets. I could hardly breathe. After I was sobbing while seeing it I went to the stage door. I got to meet one of my favorites in the show Savvy among the other actors and actresses who made me break into tears. My sister had told me before how a lot of people have a show that they really feel. The way she described it I knew Amélie was that for me…I am now determined to revive it.

All in all, Amélie is amazing and you should definitely go listen to the soundtrack…asap!

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Written by Jane Register

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