Broadway Guide: 5 Singers To Get You Obsessed

If you’ve been obsessed with Broadway for a while, then you’re likely to have a wide array of knowledge when it comes to Broadway singers. But there are so many to discover- if you’re new to the Broadway world then you may have trouble figuring out where to begin. Here’s a list to get you started: 5 Broadway singers that fully deserve your obsession.

#1 Ben Fankhauser

Ben Fankhauser deserves our applause. You can hear him on the Newsies Original Broadway Cast Recording as Davey Jacobs. But he can also be found all over Youtube singing various cabaret-style songs. His voice is, to be honest, heavenly, and his riffs are smooth and flawless. 

To get started with your Ben Fankhauser obsession, check out To Kiss a Girl and Belief.

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#2 Laura Osnes

Laura Osnes is the real-life embodiment of a Disney princess. You can hear her as Cinderella on the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Cinderella, as well as Bonnie in Bonnie and Clyde, and Julia in Bandstand. She also runs the Broadway Princess Party. Laura's voice is sweet and just plain impressive. 

To get started, have a listen to Love Will Come and Find Me Again.

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#3 Santino Fontana

You've probably heard Santino Fontana sing without even realizing it. Outside of the Broadway world, he's known as the voice of Hans in Frozen, but he has done oh so much more. You can also hear him on the Cinderella recording, alongside Laura Osnes, as Prince Topher (Charming). Santino has a rich, gorgeous voice that isn't really used to its extent in Frozen.

Start out your Santino obsession with Let it Go at Broadway Backwards.Bonus: check out this absolutely fabulous rendition of Anything You Can Do with Laura Osnes.

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#4 Christy Altomare

Christy Altomare became a big Broadway name when she landed the lead role in Anastasia. You can also find her as Sue on the 2012 Off-Broadway recording of Carrie. She has also been releasing her own music since she was a kid. Though she is tiny in stature, Christy's voice is incredibly powerful and beautiful.

Check out Part of Your World and Journey to the Past.

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#5 Jeremy Jordan

How could we not include the king himself? You may have seen Jeremy Jordan on Supergirl, but that doesn't even scratch the tip of the iceberg of his talent. You can find him as Jack Kelly in Newsies, Clyde Barrow in Bonnie and Clyde, and Jamie in the movie version of the Last Five Years. His voice is truly spectacular and in honor of that, here's a whole bucketload of Jeremy Jordan. Grab yourself a snack, sit down, and enjoy.

Here's She Used to Be Mine, Maria, Losing My Mind, Santa Fe, Run Away With Me, and because I can't resist, Let it Go.

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