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Hardest Dear Evan Hansen Lyrics Quiz Ever

Take this quiz to figure out if you know this beloved new musical as well as you think you do!

  • “It’s a _____, it’s a maze, I try to steer through it a _____ ways”

    • struggle, billion
    • puzzle, million
    • struggle, million
  • “But every sun doesn’t rise, and no one tells you where _____”

    • you went wrong
    • to go
    • you’ve failed
  • “An open field that’s framed with _____, we pick a spot and _____”

    • grass, laugh
    • crowds, watch the clouds
    • trees, shoot the breeze
  • “All that it takes is a little _____, it’s easy to change if you give it _____”

    • reinvention, your attention
    • safe prevention, circumvention
    • intervention, good intention
  • “When the villains fall, the kingdoms never _____”

    • crumble
    • mourn
    • weep
  • “But we’re a _____ apart, and I don’t know how I would even start”

    • hundred years
    • million worlds
    • thousand miles
  • “When you’re fallen in a forest, and when you _____, all you need is for somebody to _____”

    • hit the ground, find you
    • look around, hear you
    • are broken on the ground, take your hand
  • “Out of the shadows, the morning is _____ and all is _____”

    • coming, new
    • rising, true
    • breaking, new
  • “A little perseverance, and a little _____”

    • hard work
    • uphill climb
    • reinvention
  • “I don’t need more reminders of all that’s been _____, I don’t need you to fix what I’d rather _____”

    • endured, remember
    • hurting, ignore
    • broken, forget
  • “All the words that I can’t _____, like a train coming off the _____”

    • take back, track
    • have fail, rail
    • make worse, course
  • “That’s not a _____, I know there is none, nothing can _____ all these things I’ve done”

    • worthy explanation, make sense of
    • valid excuse, explain away
    • reasonable story, wipe away
  • “When your dad stopped by before going away, a _____ in the driveway”

    • empty space
    • U-haul truck
    • moving truck
  • “All we see is _____ for forever, we let the world _____ for forever”

    • new, pass through
    • clear, disappear
    • sky, pass by

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