Quiz: How Well Do You Know ‘Heathers: the Musical’ Lyrics?

Greetings and salutations. 

Read carefully…

  • Question of

    So, hey, Mr No Name kid…

    • Who might you be?
    • Wanna fight for me?
    • If some night you’re free
  • Question of

    It’s time for you to prove you’re…

    • Not a loser anymore
    • Not a pussy anymore
  • Question of

    Let’s use their showers…

    • It’s time for big fun!
    • We’re having big fun!
    • That sounds like big fun!
  • Question of

    Let us be seventeen…

    • That’s all I want to do
    • If I am what you choose
    • If we still got the right
  • Question of

    But I know, I know, I know…

    • I could be beautiful
    • Life can be beautiful
    • We can be beautiful
  • Question of

    Get on all fours…

    • Kiss this dead girl walking
    • Rock this dead girl walking
    • Love this dead girl walking
  • Question of

    Freeze your brain, suck on that straw…

    • Fight pain with more pain
    • Get lost in the pain
    • Let nothing remain
  • Question of

    And we’ll soar…

    • Across the gym
    • Across the trees
    • Above the gym
    • Above the trees
  • Question of

    Yo girl, keep it together…

    • She’s not looking so well
    • I knew you would come far
    • Smell how gangsta you are
  • Question of

    Let in sunlight now…

    • And your pain will disappear
    • On your deepest fears
  • Question of

    No one thinks a pretty girl has substance…

    • No one gets her insercurity
    • That’s the curse of popularity
    • But I weep for all I failed to be
  • Question of

    I was meant to be yours…

    • Let’s finish what we’ve begun
    • Please don’t leave me alone
    • We were meant to be one

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Written by Molly Peier

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