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Quiz: Which “Natasha, Pierre & Great Comet Of 1812” Character Are You?

Are you a Natasha or a Mary? Or maybe a Pierre?

  • How would your friends describe you?

    • Flirty
    • Fun
    • Kinda depressed
    • Crazy
    • Boring
    • Selfless
    • Naive
    • They’re scared of you
    • Manipulative
  • What do you think about Anatole?

    • He’s hot
    • He’s the worst
    • I’d kill him for everything he did
    • He was charming at first but once you know everything about him he’s terrible
    • He’d be my best friend
    • He’s my role model
  • If someone cheated on you what would you do?

    • I’d go off on them and then break up with them
    • I’d beg for them to stop
    • It doesn’t matter ‘cuz I was cheating on them too
    • I’d go drink my sorrows away
    • I’d be broken
    • I’d find someone else to make take care of me
    • I’d find someone else to love
  • How many friends do you have?

    • I have more girlfriends than friends
    • The people in my family are my friends
    • I have no friends, no, never go anywhere. Never invited to anything. I have to focus on taking care of my family.
    • Everybody in the club are my friends
    • I spend too much time being depressed to have friends.
    • A good amount
    • A lot!
  • What’s your favorite song from the musical?

    • Balaga
    • In My House
    • The Duel
    • Dust and Ashes
    • The Private and Intimate Life of a House
    • In My House
    • No One Else
    • Charming
    • Sonya Alone
  • What do you do when you first wake up?

    • Hit snooze (again…)
    • Scroll down social media
    • Text significant other
    • Primp in the mirror
    • Cook breakfast for the family
    • Yell at who woke me up
    • I never went to sleep. I’ve been in the club for days!
    • Text my best friend and see how they’re doing
  • What do you think about Pierre?

    • He would make a good friend
    • He’s only good for asking for his money
    • He’s depressed and boring
    • He’s no fun
    • He’s sweet
  • Finally, do you believe Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812 was robbed at the Tonys?

    • Yes
    • No

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Written by Morgan

Theatre is my life. Musical theatre is my jam. I'm making quizzes about lesser known and underrated musicals so that they'll finally get noticed! šŸ˜†

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