Quiz: Which Sutton Foster Are You?

From Millie Dillmount to Princess Fiona, this Broadway star has done it all. Which of her roles most suits you? (DISCLAIMER: Every one involves lots and lots of tap dancing.)

  • Question of

    Where are you on a Saturday night?

    • Out somewhere
    • At home with family
    • On the town
    • At my friend’s house
  • Question of

    What’s the best part of the day?

    • Early morning
    • Afternoon
    • Evening
    • Late at night
  • Question of

    Who can you always be seen with?

    • My girlfriend/boyfriend
    • My family members
    • No one
    • Anyone and everyone!
  • Question of

    Favorite color?

    • Red
    • Green
    • Gold!
    • Bold colors.
  • Question of

    Your dream?

    • To be astonishing
    • To start a new life in the city
    • To make your dream man/woman fall for you
    • To escape and see the world
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    You want your partner to be…

    • Someone I really love
    • What partner?
    • Funny and understanding
    • Confident and loud, just like me!
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    Trait you most value?

    • Humor
    • Kindness
    • Fearlessness
    • Leadership
  • Question of

    Do you take charge?

    • Yes!!!
    • I’m in charge of myself
    • Most of the time!
    • Sometimes
  • Question of

    What most appeals to you?

    • Happiness
    • Love
    • Fame
    • Money
  • Question of

    Do you like to travel?

    • YES!!!!!
    • Not really
    • I never really have…
    • Sure! I love meeting all the people.
  • Question of

    Which quote suits you best?

    • “In olden days, a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking, but now God knows, anything goes!”
    • “I will be fearless, surrendering modesty and grace! I will not disappear without a trace… I’ll shout and start a riot, be anything but quiet…”
    • “Burn the bridge, bet the store, baby’s comin’ home no more! Not for the life of me!”
    • “I am sweetness, I am bratty, I’m a princess, I’m a fatty… I’m a mess of contradictions in a dress…”

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Written by SkySailor917

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