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Quiz: Which Tony Award Will You Win?

I know I’m obsessed with the Tony Awards. I am self-aware of my that I am strangely obsessed with the most prestigious award in my biggest obsession (musicals in case you didn’t know). I, personally, really enjoy the direction of shows and I am jealous of good dancers. But hey! You have skills! What Tony Award will you win?

  • Question of

    Choose an app

    • Audible
    • Spotify
    • Pinterest
  • Question of

    You are part of a group project. What do you do?

    • Be the leader
    • Take the credit
    • Just do your job
  • Question of

    You’re preparing a party, what do you do first?

    • Start Decorating
    • Setup the lights
    • Prepare music
  • Question of

    Choose a school subject

    • English
    • Maths/math
    • P.E
  • Question of

    What scares you?

    • Your appearance
    • The Dark
    • Making the wrong decision
  • Question of

    Audition approaching, what first?

    • Research everything about it
      Group of People with Research Concept
    • Practice all day for the audition
    • Practice your dance steps
  • Question of

    How do you view yourself as performer?

    • A confident lead
    • The comedic sidekick
    • I’m in the stage crew, I don’t “perform”
  • Question of

    Choose a second subject

    • Music
    • Art
    • Science
  • Question of

    Which picture would you post?

    • You pulling a stunt
    • The view from your balcony
    • You in your best outfit
  • Question of

    Finally, choose a musical

    • A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder
    • Sweeney Todd
    • You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown
    • Next to Normal
    • Come from Away
    • Carousel
    • Beauty and the Beast
    • Fosse
    • Anything Goes

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Written by Luc Jones

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