Quiz: Which ‘Hadestown’ Character Are You?

A musical based on a myth. Are you Orpheus? Eurydice? Or maybe Hades?

  • Question of

    First, how would you describe yourself?

    • I live life to the fullest!
    • I know everything about everyone because I’m everywhere
    • I live on the rational side of things
    • I drive on passion
    • I control almost everyone!
    • I use common sense
  • Question of

    Where would you go for vacation?

    • Why would you want to leave where you are?
    • Someplace I’ve never gone before
    • Everyday I’m taking people places, so I’d just stay home for vacation
    • Anywhere that’s not Hadestown or the Underworld
    • I don’t take vacations. I’ve got business to take care of
  • Question of

    What do you think about Hades?

    • He’s the best guy ever!
    • He’s controlling and makes everything so boring!
    • He’s deceiving
    • He’s a sad man who let his power get to his head
  • Question of

    What do you think about Hadestown?(The place, not the musical)

    • I never want to go there
    • It’s interesting
    • It’s the most boring and dreadful place ever!
    • I live there
    • I work there
    • I’d only go there if I had to
  • Question of

    Who made the bigger mistake: Orpheus or Eurydice?

    • Orpheus. He shouldn’t have let his doubt overcome him.
    • Eurydice. If she didn’t go to Hadestown, none of this would’ve happened.
    • Neither. If Persephone wasn’t acting like a child, Hades wouldn’t have started searching for someone else to have.
    • No one. Everyone made mistakes and it all built up til the end.
    • Orpheus. He should’ve paid more attention to providing shelter than to making his songs.
  • Question of

    Is it a sad story, love story, or old story?

    • Sad
    • Love
    • Old
    • All three

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Written by Morgan

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