Quiz: What Is Your Ideal High School Show?

In an age of great musicals, there are plenty of options for a good high school show. This quiz can help you narrow it down.

  • Question of

    What is a good theme for a musical?

    • Love
    • Beauty
    • Home
    • Freedom
  • Question of

    What size cast do you like working with?

    • Large
    • Small
    • Doesn’t really matter
    • Eh, medium size
  • Question of

    What message do you want to send to your audience?

    • There’s no place like home.
    • Viva la Revolution!
    • You don’t need a man to be strong.
    • Yay! Murder is fun!
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    What about the love interest?

    • Love interest? What love interest?
    • Love interest is best in triangular form.
    • A pshycopathic killer who looks real good in a trench coat.
    • A geeky, friendly tutor.
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    What type of show are you going for?

    • A beloved classic.
    • A Hugh Jackman film
    • An edgy show that’ll make the principal nervous.
    • A fun pop show with an upbeat tempo.

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Written by Andy Ottone

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