Top Places Where Filmmakers Live And Work

Have you ever thought of moving to the other country or city, wishing to find better life opportunities or striving for new challenges and adventures? I guess that the majority of people will answer positively. The choice of a country, city or town where you are going to live can become one of the most significant life decisions. Especially if you are a filmmaker and, except inspiring you and offering a lot of professional opportunities, your place of living should be as comfortable as it only can be. There are a lot of guides which have already done all the estimations according to different criteria: a city’s film activity, film infrastructure and other criteria such as population size, local tax schemes, the availability of different geographical locations etc. We have also decided to create our list of top places where filmmakers live and work, so if you are planning to start your filmmaking career or change something in your life, you can easily choose any location from our list.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is the perfect city for those, who want to present a blockbuster and a romantic melodrama. Taking into consideration how many famous actors and producers are from this city and currently living there, it should be mentioned that Vancouver is a worthy destination for filmmakers. Together with beneficial tax schemes offered by the district, the statistics show that the Canadian city has hosted two dozens of new serials in 2017 and nearly 200 commercial projects. The Vancouver’s reputation as a filmmaking city is now fast-growing because it has a well-developed infrastructure for producers (including many stages for film motion, transport locations, professional education institutions, where you can find both professionals and assistants). A lot of experienced producers describe this place as a welcoming one with friendly film community.

Atlanta, the USA

Let’s talk about not that world-famous film cites in the USA. Last year the film sphere in Atlanta managed to add $ 6 billion to the city’s economy. Although this city refers to the developing one regarding the filmmaking industry, it now poses the 3rd most significant film production industry in the USA, and due to professionals’ expectations, it won’t stop. Atlanta is too attractive as in Georgia you can still find a lot of permit-free locations, which are ideal for the film producers. It is also not a difficulty to apply for the tax preferences in this state and receive a positive answer. You can find here a flourishing production infrastructure and the brightest talents, willing to make their film career and enter the filmmaking industry. It’s not only the weather that is hot in Georgia.

London, the United Kingdom 

Even if you haven’t been in London, you must have seen its attractions in too many films. Obviously, you’ll know Westminster, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge at a glance, as who hasn’t seen the Bond films? London is a so much wanted location for films for a significant period of time. Some even call it “the European Hollywood”. Except for perfect places, national schemes, you can also find in London dozens of film finance companies, f.e. Red Rock Entertainment. Just a quick note: the Bond films, the Harry Potter franchise and DC Extended Universe movies belong to some of London’s studios.

Berlin, Germany 

Another European capital, but with the other filmmaking direction. Berlin holds the position of the best place for low-budgeted and indie films. In the filmmaking industry, the German capital is thought to be more for creativity than even commercial production. It attracts filmmakers, actors and writers, who are willing to create masterpieces. Just like in case with the mentioned above cities, Berlin locations are too favourite among producers as they are worthy to be presented in different film scenes. The Berlin Film festival was established in 1951 and how it is one of the most honourable events in the filmmaking industry.

Mumbai, India 

This location as an opportunity to move in is quite discussible. Nevertheless, it is the heart of Bollywood. Hindi cinema produces more films in a year than Hollywood, and you can like you or not, but it is one of the biggest and money-bringing film industries in the world. Here was produced the majority of all Indian films, which are well-known in South and East Asia, the Middle East and some parts of Africa. It should be mentioned that recently Bollywood films are becoming more popular among the Western audience, so if you search for exotic locations and different approaches, then you’re welcomed in Mumbai. By the way, now there are a lot of film studios, which work in cooperation with the leading European and American film partners.

So, as you have understood, the whole world is full of places, where you can get both inspiration and professional perspectives. Don’t hesitate and choose the best place to live and work.

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Written by Rachel Wise

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