Vote For The Best Musical Of The 1990s!

After voting on the best new and revival musicals of the 2000’s, the 1990s wants theatre nerds to vote on the best new musicals.

Eligible musicals follow these 2 rules:

1. The musical must’ve won the Tony Award for Best Musical

2. That musical must’ve won that award during the 1990

Understand? Good.

#1 Rent

Is there anything to say about Rent that hasn't been said already? Because I can say without a doubt, this will be No.1!

191 points
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Total votes: 265

Upvotes: 228

Upvotes percentage: 86.037736%

Downvotes: 37

Downvotes percentage: 13.962264%

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#2 The Lion King

1. Sweep the tech awards

2. Have songs written by Elton John

3. Be made by Disney

Congratulations! you now have the 3rd longest running show in Broadway history!

119 points
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Total votes: 199

Upvotes: 159

Upvotes percentage: 79.899497%

Downvotes: 40

Downvotes percentage: 20.100503%

#3 Sunset Boulevard

Andrew Lloyd Webber's 8th musical to be nominated for Best Musical, Glenn Close leads as aging star Norma Desmond in a role to good to describe!

25 points
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Total votes: 103

Upvotes: 64

Upvotes percentage: 62.135922%

Downvotes: 39

Downvotes percentage: 37.864078%

#4 Fosse

The celebration of the most successful choreographer in history, Bob Fosse, the art of dancing is shown the through famous songs from shows like Chicago, Pippin and Dancin'!

18 points
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Total votes: 88

Upvotes: 53

Upvotes percentage: 60.227273%

Downvotes: 35

Downvotes percentage: 39.772727%

#5 Crazy for You

Containing some the greatest songs by the Gershwin brothers, the story is full of heart and love with some great costumes and choreography to add!

14 points
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Total votes: 98

Upvotes: 56

Upvotes percentage: 57.142857%

Downvotes: 42

Downvotes percentage: 42.857143%

#6 Kiss of the Spider Woman

Kander and Ebb + Chita Rivera + Brent Carver + Terrence McNally = a stunning yet dark musical with serious social commentary!

8 points
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Total votes: 80

Upvotes: 44

Upvotes percentage: 55.000000%

Downvotes: 36

Downvotes percentage: 45.000000%

#7 Titanic

Who knew one of the biggest tragedies in history could turn into a Tony Winning musical? Well it happened has one of the best scores of the decade!

8 points
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Total votes: 102

Upvotes: 55

Upvotes percentage: 53.921569%

Downvotes: 47

Downvotes percentage: 46.078431%

#8 City of Angels

Though may be confusing for some people due to the two different worlds, the jazz sound and detailed set design are good at keeping audiences interested!

2 points
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Total votes: 90

Upvotes: 46

Upvotes percentage: 51.111111%

Downvotes: 44

Downvotes percentage: 48.888889%

#9 Passion

Beautiful and controversial, the conclusion to the Sondheim-Lapine trilogy is stunning in the only way these two know how!

0 points
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Total votes: 78

Upvotes: 39

Upvotes percentage: 50.000000%

Downvotes: 39

Downvotes percentage: 50.000000%

#10 The Will Rogers Follies

The final collaboration between Betty Comden and Adolph Green, this show is colourful, bright and all around fun!

-6 points
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Total votes: 62

Upvotes: 28

Upvotes percentage: 45.161290%

Downvotes: 34

Downvotes percentage: 54.838710%

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