10 Baritone/Bass Audition Songs That Are NOT ” Luck Be A Lady” Or “If I Loved You”

Tenors always get to play the love interest or the suave hero that saves the day. Over the last few years, tenors have gotten some of the best solos like “Waving through a Window.” Many times the Baritone or Bass in the musical is the villain, dad, or just there for comedic relief. Guys and Dolls is a classic show with a slew of manly-man characters. “Luck be a Lady” is such an iconic song. Another iconic song is “If I loved you” from Carousel. A quintessential romantic but not really a romantic ballad. Try something different in your next audition with one of these songs.

#1 Dust and Ashes- Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812

First on this list is "Dust and Ashes" from Great Comet of 1812. This song goes through many moods. If you're an older Baritone or Bass, this is a great song. It does get pretty high at the end so make sure to warm up. 

#2 Tell my Father- The Civil War

The Civil War was not on Broadway for very long. It premiered around the same time as Ragtime. The music was written by Frank Wildhorn and Gregory Boyd. This song is sung by a dying Union soldier wishes that his father knew that he died a man. Truly, this is a rare gem to be heard. 

#3 Loneliness Of Evening- Cinderella

Unlike most Princes. Prince Christopher Rupert Whindemer Vladimir Charles Alexander Francois Reginald Lancealot Herman Gregory James (breathes heavily) is not. He is a Baritone. If you don't quite feel comfortable singing a Disney song or "Agony", try "Loneliness of Evening" from Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella.

#4 Hellfire- The Hunchback of Notre Dame

This song is so epic. Claude Frollo is such an interesting and complicated character. If you really want to show off a more classical side. This is perfect if you are auditioning to play a very evil role. Not like straight up evil but a twisted evil like Judge Turpin from Sweeney Todd.

#5 Lonely Room- Oklahoma!

Probably won't hear this one in auditions too often since everyone sings "O' What a Beautiful Morning". In this song, Jud has an epiphany and decides that he doesn't want to be lonely anymore. He doesn't have the good intentions that Curly does. Again this is another pretty dark song. 

#6 They Live in You- The Lion King

Not to be confused with "He Lives in You" from Act 2. Mufasa first sings this song in Act 1 as he tells Simba that he'll never be alone because his ancestors are always watching over him. If you're new to the Theatre World or a bit older, try "They Live in You".

#7 Make Them Hear You- Ragtime

TBH... Brian Stokes Mitchell makes this song epic. The lyrics of this song are so poetic. Coalhouse Walker Jr. is a man who wants justice and will fight for it, doing whatever it takes. 

#8 I Don’t Understand the Poor- GGLAM

Here's something that's funny and very uptempo. It's very Pythonesque with its lyrics.

#9 Get Me to the Church On Time- My Fair Lady

If you can do a cockney accent, try singing "Get me to the Church on Time". This song is for an older Baritone of Bass. It's rather easy so if you don't have that wide of a range try this one. Norbert Leo Butz is playing him in the 2018 revival. He was the original Fieyro in Wicked and has played other roles like Roger Davies in Rent and Edward Bloom in Big Fish. 

#10 Hard To Be The Bard- Something Rotten!

Another uptempo that you can do is "Hard to be the Bard" from Something Rotten. Christian Borle plays William Shakespeare and sings about how hard it is to be a famous playwright and to come up with a great idea. This is for those of you who like some think with a bit of a rock feel. 

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