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10 Tenor Audition Songs That Are NOT ‘Giants In The Sky’

Rule of thumb, if you are auditioning for a Sondheim musical sing a Sondheim song. If you are not auditioning for something that was written by Sondheim, do not sing a Sondheim song. With this being said, a very popular song for young tenors to sing in an audition is “Giants in the Sky”. Just because it’s popular doesn’t make it a bad song. Here are 10 songs for Tenors.

#1 Finishing the Hat – Sunday In The Park With George

If you insist on singing something Sondheim, give "Finishing the Hat" from Sunday in the Park with George. It is still very imaginative like "Giants in the Sky". So try this one.

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#2 The Colors Of My Life – Barnum

"The Colors of my Life" is a very romantic and dreamy song. Imagine the world without all of the colors Barnum sings about. It would really suck. Persuade that audition panel of the brilliant colors of YOUR life. 

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#3 Heaven On Their Minds- Jesus Christ Superstar

Maybe you've categorized your casting type in the wrong box. If you want to try something a bit more edgy or you're auditioning for a rock musical try "Heaven on their minds". 

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#4 Neverland -Finding Neverland

Dream away while singing about that far off land of Neverland. It's a fairly new song too. Ugh, this song makes me wish I was a tenor just so I could sing it in the original key.

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#5 Extrordinary – Pippin

Before you reach for "Corner of the Sky" check out "Extraordinary" from Pippin. It's actually a really funny song and suited for a young tenor. So ditch "Giants in the Sky" and sing this instead.

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#6 They Can’t Take that away from me- Crazy For You

This is a charming and simple classic featured in "Crazy for You". If you're looking for a more classic and jazzy feel try this song.

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#7 Proud Of Your Boy – Aladdin

I was very fortunate to see Adam Jacobs as Aladdin. This song was cut from the movie so it's still fairly new to audiences. 

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#8 Foolish to Think- A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

If you are more comfortable with your classical voice but don't want to sing something that's over fifty years old, try "Foolish to Think" from A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder.

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#9 Miracle of Miracles- Fiddler on the Roof

...But if you are looking for something post-Golden Age, try "Miracle of Miracles". I love how Adam Kantor makes Motel such a funny and down to earth character. Have fun and play around with this song.

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#10 Heaven’s Light- The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Sometimes the lead tenor doesn't always get the girl at the end of the show. "Heaven's Light" is Quasimodo's other solo in Hunchback of Notre Dame. It's a short but beautiful song.

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