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10 Mezzo Belter Audition Songs That Are NOT “On My Own”

It’s very easy to pick a song from Les Mis for an audition. If you want to sing out all of your sad feelings here are 10 audition songs that are not “On my own”.

#1 The Great Comet Music Video: Sonya Alone

Unrequited love is a big reason many girls pick "On my own" as an audition song. It's because gurl, we all know how that feels. "Sonya Alone" is sure to be something new for an audition panel.

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#2 “Someone to Watch Over Me” from Crazy For You

I first came across this song a few years ago in my high school production of "Crazy for You". It's a love song, but instead of lamenting about being hopelessly single she's asking to be loved by a certain beau.

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#3 Beautiful: The Carole King Musical – (Beautiful)

If you're new to the theatre scene, I'd suggest singing this anthem about feeling beautiful and empowered.

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#4 Goodnight My Someone- The Music Man

It's along the same lines as "Someone to watch over me". Have fun.

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Many of you who were around in the 90's might remember this song in "Cinderella" with Brandy in the title role. 

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#6 Once – The Hill

I think it's really cool if an actor can show one of their special skills in the audition room. If you don't already know, the character of Girl in "Once" plays the piano.

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#7 You Don’t Know This Man- Parade

Based upon the very grim tale of Leo Frank, in this song Lucille Frank sings about how her husband is an innocent man.

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#8 Matilda the Musical- This Little Girl

If you're a bit too old to play a teenager, I'd suggest auditioning with "This Little Girl" from Matilda. Ms. Honey isn't very old so if you're out of college. I'd suggest singing this one.

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#9 Times Are Hard For Dreamers – Amelie

Before you go to your second choice of "Burn" from Hamilton, check out "Times are hard for Dreamers" from Amelie. Let that little introvert blossom in the audition room as you have something new for an audition panel.

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#10 Welcome Home (Finale) – Bandstand

This song is filled with loss and pain with a twinge of joy. Give it a try!


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  1. My school choir is singing Someone to Watch Over Me. It’s not from Crazy For You, it’s from a Gershwin musical called Oh Kay. I remember being curious where it was from and being surprised because I’d never heard of the musical.

  2. Someone To Watch Over Me, is originally from Oh Kay (1929). But it was also used in the musical billed as “The New Gershwin Musical Comedy”, Crazy For You, a compilation of songs from Gershwin musicals, produced in the early 90’s.

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