Quiz: Which Schuyler Sister Are You?

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    If you and your best friend liked the same person, what would you do?

    • You tell your friend you don’t like him/her, but you still kind of do
    • You let your friend like him/her there are more people out there anyways
    • You decide on both of you liking him/her
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    What is your weakness?

    • You tend to fall head over heels in love more than you should, only to get hurt
    • You are never content
    • You are more reserved and shy, not always being the life of the party
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    Favorite line from “the Schuyler Sisters”?

    • “And Peggy”
    • “Ah, so you’ve discussed me”
    • “Work!”
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    If you could play a character besides one of the sisters who would it be?

    • Alexander Hamilton, obviously!
    • Just an ensemble member
    • Aaron Burr
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    What is your favorite musical besides Hamilton?

    • Les Mis
    • Dear Evan Hansen
    • Heathers
    • Other
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    Would you consider yourself Hamiltrash?

    • Definitely
    • What?
    • Sort of
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    Which seems like your style?

    • A fancy dress/suit
    • Sweat pants and a tee shirt
    • A nice shirt and jeans
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    Favorite book genre?

    • Historical fiction
    • Nonfiction
    • Romance

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Written by Maddie

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