10 Musical Audition Songs For Kids And Tweens

We’ve all been to or heard of those auditions where 50 kids show up and sing the same three songs over and over again. Even though there aren’t too many songs for a child’s range, these are 10 suggestions for kids.

When I say kids, I mean 6 to 13-year-olds. So, up to the end of middle school. If your voice has already started to develop or you’re in high school go check out my other lists.

#9 Everlasting- Tuck Everlasting

Here's another song from Tuck Everlasting. After Winnie's adventure and time with the Tuck family, she has to decide between waiting five years to drink from the spring that made the Tuck's immortal and run away with Jesse Tuck or, take Angus Tuck's advice and live a full and fulfilling life. It's a very mature song for a kid. Not like "All that Jazz" mature but that it causes them to think. 

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Written by Mac McDonald

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