10 Musical Audition Songs For Kids And Tweens

We’ve all been to or heard of those auditions where 50 kids show up and sing the same three songs over and over again. Even though there aren’t too many songs for a child’s range, these are 10 suggestions for kids.

When I say kids, I mean 6 to 13-year-olds. So, up to the end of middle school. If your voice has already started to develop or you’re in high school go check out my other lists.

#1 Not While I’m Around- Sweeney Todd

In Sweeney Todd, Toby is usually played by a young tenor but this song can also be sung by a boy soprano. 

    #2 Somewhere Out There – An American Tail

    This isn't from a musical but it's from the 1986 Don Bluth movie, An American Tail. If you're a kid reading this, just ask your parents what this is. By this point in the movie, Fievel the mouse has been separated from his family immigrating to America from Russia. Then he and his sister sing this little duet knowing that someday they will be reunited. 

      #3 Quiet- Matilda

      This one is way more emotionally deep than "Tommorrow" from Annie and more proactive than "Castle on a Cloud". I loved the book Matilda when I was a kid. The musical has featured some amazingly talented kids. So if you are a little girl or have a little girl, try "Quiet" from Matilda.

      #4 It’s Possible (McElligot’s Pool)- Seussical the Musical

      Somewhere in your library, there is a Dr. Seuss book. Since Dr. Seuss is the king of rhymes, It's possible to memorize this one fairly quickly.  

        #5 What It Means to Be a Friend- 13 the musical

        13 the musical was written by Jason Robert Brown who also wrote The Last 5 Years, Parade, and Honeymoon in Vegas. This song is perfect for a middle schooler. Well, that's because all the characters in 13 are middle schoolers. 

          #6 I Won’t Grow Up- Peter Pan

          It's such a declaration that "You'll Never Grow Up". This song is a good fit for a very defiant and playful kid.

            #7 I’ve Gotta Crow- Peter Pan

            This one is a rather silly song. If you're a funny person you'll have fun playing this one up a bit. 

              #8 Good Girl Winnie Foster- Tuck Everlasting

              Tuck Everlasting is one of those shows with a young girl as the leading character. Sarah Charles Lewis did a brilliant job as Winnie Foster. I love Tuck Everlasting as a book in middle school and was thrilled when it was turned into a musical. 

                #9 Everlasting- Tuck Everlasting

                Here's another song from Tuck Everlasting. After Winnie's adventure and time with the Tuck family, she has to decide between waiting five years to drink from the spring that made the Tuck's immortal and run away with Jesse Tuck or, take Angus Tuck's advice and live a full and fulfilling life. It's a very mature song for a kid. Not like "All that Jazz" mature but that it causes them to think. 

                  #10 Any Dream Will Do- Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

                  This one is a bit of a wild card. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was written for a school in London as a 20 minute "Pop cantata". The use of a children's choir in many productions including the 1999 movie have been used. This musical was originally written for children so many of the solo's are written for a child's vocal range.  

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