10 Songs From Musicals To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

With Thanksgiving behind us, it’s officially the holiday season. Decorations have started to go up left and right, your office has already sent out an email about the holiday party and the temperature has dropped 30 degrees. Time for presents, relatives, a great deal of food and a whole genre of music we are deprived of the rest of the year.

With only one month to jam all the holiday songs in, why not add some great musical tunes to your playlist?

Here are 10 songs from musicals to get you in the holiday spirit:

“We Need a Little Christmas” from “Mame”

It’s been a long fall season, to say the least, and everyone could use a little (or a lot) of joy in their lives right now. What better way than with some carols, a little flurry and a little laughter? This is definitely an all-time classic holiday tune featured in an all-time classic musical.

“Chip on My Shoulder” from “Legally Blonde”

Though not the typical go-to holiday song from a musical, this one is perfect for all those students out there trying to get through finals so they can get home for the holidays. Don’t worry, guys — it will all be worth it. Just get through the next few weeks of studying and work, and you’ll be home with your family eating free home-cooked food and have your own personal washing machine. I mean, unless you’re Elle Woods.

“Christmas Bells” from “Rent”

This one is pretty self-explanatory. This song has a great classic tune that reminds you of Christmas with all the hecticness that is “Rent.” Though it does focus a bit on the struggles of people who don’t have much around Christmastime, it also focuses on people being generous and giving. Yes, I’m referring to the adorable interaction between Angel and Collins. There’s also the great line that is repeated throughout the song: “And it’s beginning to snow.” How can this song not get you excited for the holiday season?

“Twelve Days to Christmas” from “She Loves Me”

Does anyone actually like shopping around the holidays? Sometimes the great prices just don’t seem worth the packed stores. This song counts down the days to Christmas, or the days you have left to make your final purchases for those special people in your life. Just remember, don’t wait until the day before to buy your presents.

“Four Jews in a Room” from “Falsettos”

This year, Hanukkah actually starts on Christmas Eve and ends on New Year’s Day. If your family is anything like mine, this song can apply to any Jewish holiday or dysfunctional family. Bonus: This show is currently on Broadway and will be there the entire holiday season. In case you need a break from your family, go see this one onstage.

“The Chanukah Party” from “Caroline, or Change”

Jumping off the last song, here’s another great tune to commemorate the eight-day festival of lights. As it says in the song, it’s a whole week more than Christmas!

“Turkey Lurkey Time” from “Promises, Promises”

There will be parties you are looking forward to attending this season, along with the ones you’re forced to go to. This song captures the spirit of all of them. You just know along the way you’ll encounter the overly enthusiastic host who just loves Christmas. Get ready to make awkward talk with your uncle you barely see and eat until you can’t move.

“Try to Remember” from “The Fantasticks”

Those who enjoy more nostalgic holiday tunes will love this one. Comparable to holiday favorites such as “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” and “White Christmas,” this definitely will give you all the holiday feels.

“Home” from “The Wiz”

At the end of the day, the holidays are really about spending time with the people you love. Though this is also not a typical holiday song, it’s the epitome of the feeling of going home for the holidays and seeing your family. There truly is no place like home.

“Happy New Year” from “Rent”

Yes, another “Rent” song, but you can’t forget about New Year’s! This is the time to celebrate the year that was and welcome the new year surrounded by family and friends. With the new year comes a fresh slate and new opportunities, so start getting your list of resolutions together now. As the song says, “It’s gonna be a happy new year.”

Which musical ditties put you in the holiday spirit? Let us know in the comments below…

Written by Nicole Mellion

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