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18 Types Of Theatre Kids: Which One Are You?

Every theatre department is unique in its own way, but there seem to be the same type of people in each group. Here is a list of the 18 personalities that comprise pretty much every theatre department.

1. The Annoying Talent

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The Annoying Talent is very talented… there’s no doubt, but you kind of hate them for it. Everything comes naturally to them and it seems like they don’t have to work as hard as everybody else. They can do no wrong.

2. The Tech Guru

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The Tech Guru can do anything… seriously. We’re not certain when they had time to learn all the stuff they know. If you turn your back for one second, they have the set built. Let’s be honest, the theater belongs to them.

3. The Hidden Talent

Theatre Kids, Theatre Nerds

The Hidden Talent is the quiet person at the back of room who never says anything until they perform… and when they perform… everyone’s jaw drops. Where did that come from? Then they’re back to their shy ways.

4. The Athlete

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The Athlete thought it would always be fun to try acting. They’re not bad either! By the end of the show they’ll say, “I wish I would have done theatre sooner.” It’s always fun having half the football team in the audience because you cast the wide receiver.

5. The Drama (AKA The Gossip)

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The Drama is the reason we call it the “Drama Department.” When they’re not spreading rumors on Twitter and Facebook… you might hear common phrases like “She said,” “He said,” and “Let them say it to my face.”

6. The Optimist

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The Optimist always has a smile… it’s slightly alarming, but refreshing at the same time. You’re not sure how they’re able to generate a smile as often as they do, but you love it!

7. The Singer

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The Singer knows they can sing… and they let everyone else know it. Yes, we know you know every song in Hamilton. And no, we don’t want to hear it for the eighth time today.

8. The Hugger

18 types of theatre kids

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The Hugger loves EVERYONE! They will give you hug. You can’t say no… you can’t escape the hug.

9. The Overachiever

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The Overachiever does everything in theatre. If ever you can’t find them… check the theatre. You often hear them joking that they should just sleep at the school… because they’re always there. The department wouldn’t function without them!

10. The Boss

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The Boss gets work done! These people are usually attracted to student leadership jobs like stage manager, student director, and crew chief. Their favorite thing in life is bossing people around… and they’re good at it.

11. The Mom

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The Mom is everyone’s best friend. They always take care of everyone and wipe our tears when we cry.

12. The Absent

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The Absent is the person who you know is in the show, but you don’t usually see them until show night. They give a whole new meaning to “Empty chairs at empty tables.” They always seem to have other commitments… allegedly.

13. The Fan

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The Fan is everyone’s biggest fan! They attend every show and always tell you how great of a job you did. They aspire to be just like you!

14. The Critic

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The Critic cannot be pleased. No one is ever good enough for their taste. They always have an opinion (welcomed or unwelcomed).

15. The Awkward

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The Awkward is exactly what you think. Every theatre department has that one awkward kid who is too awkward to be in a show… until you finally see them in a perfect role and then you must see them in every show! There is something mesmerizing about all that awkward!

16. The Misunderstood

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The Misunderstood is very misunderstood. They prove how misunderstood they are by wearing elaborate makeup and clothing that you’re pretty certain they stole from the costume closet.

17. The Guitar Player

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The Guitar Player has a guitar. The guitar player has hair that dramatically falls into their eyes. The Guitar Player has a small following of underclassmen who have never heard such genuine and honest music.

18. The Jokester

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The Jokester is hilarious. They always make you laugh… even when you probably shouldn’t be laughing. They’re a child at heart and probably will be for the rest of their life.

18 different personalities, but we need all of them to make our departments so memorable. Which type are you? Which type are your friends? Maybe you’re a dangerous combination!

Did we miss a personality? Comment below and let us know some of the “characters” in your theatre department!

(Cover: Special thanks to Brenna McCulloch of Corvallis High School for letting us use this great photo)

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Eric Eidson

Written by Eric Eidson

Eric is a playwright, director, actor, and theatre educator from Aurora, CO. He received his BA in Acting and Theatre Education, and is currently an MFA candidate at the Playwright's Lab at Hollins University. (Hi Mom!)


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  1. There’s the Jealous Chorus Member… The one who doesn’t normally work as hard as the rest of them, but still thinks they deserve a lead role so are insanely jealous of the ones who get the lead roles, and will passively aggressively post on social media about it.

  2. You forgot the Wannabe Talent. The person who thinks they’re great at everything, but actually can’t do anything. The only reason they’re in the show is because the director is too nice. They feel as though they deserve a lead role and gossip about the ones who get the leads. They’re really egotistical and are completely fake towards their other cast members.

  3. The Perfectionist
    The one often found offstage somewhere repeating and perfecting lines and lyrics and beating themselves up in the process. “Can we run that again?” Is their most heard comment. They have been known to give the director a run for their money when it comes to the details. Not to be confused with The Critic, The Perfectionist is unaffected by anyone’s else shortcomings but their own. Caution – if The Critic is within 5 feet of The Perfectionist there may be a new scene not written in the show with tears and screaming… Perfect fodder for The Drama.

      • No, the Overachiever is the one who helps with costumes, runs lines with others, painted the sets, designed the playbill, cleaned the dressing rooms, all while performing as the lead. The perfectionist is just worried about his or her own performance

    • Apparently some directors and crew members are Perfectionists too.The music director for the show I’m currently in will not stop running through songs that we seem to have down just fine.

  4. Triple E, you forgot the Pessimist. The one who knows has some sort of talent, but doesn’t actually believe they do until after they’re vast in a show, but still doesn’t think they’re good enough to be there.

  5. Also the Queen of the Web (guy or girl) who knows everything about everyone. Not to be confused with the Drama, they do not spread rumours or gossip, but they know everything about the department going years back – a very useful person for publicity but also GREAT for finding out small snippets about people you’ve probably never met. Looks sweet enough that you tell them everything and ends up with the full tapestry of everyone’s lives.

  6. I’m definitely The Hidden Talent.

    But you’ve forgotten The “Why-Are-We-Doing-This-2-More-Times-When-I’m-The-Only-One-Who-Seems-To-Know-What-They’re-Doing” Kid….Pretty self explanatory.

  7. There’s also the kid who’s talented enough to get cast but not talented enough to get out of the chorus and has been doing this for years and really wants a lead, so they complain about the flaws with the show and try to find a way to talk themselves out of continually doing theatre but never really stop. (The Rejected??)

    There’s also the kid who notices some of the flaws in the show and will agree occasionally with the rejected kid so that the rejected kid talks to them a ton and everyone assumes that they both hate the show and doesn’t hang out with them.

  8. There’s the dancer, who picks up choreo with so much ease that they wonder why everyone else can’t just get the two three kick turn turn turn kick turn. They avoid any singing positions but would gladly take a speaking lead or bust out a solo number.

  9. In Misunderstood there should be something about having tons of talent but never getting what they deserve and everyone knows it. Even the snotty lead who isn’t as good but has the right body type so always gets cast in the lead.

  10. The Nervous Nellie? The Quick Thinker? The Teenage Angst That Walks Like a Man? The Reluctant Companion? Mr/Ms Stagefright? Gimme a few minutes, I got a million of ’em…

  11. The Accidental Actor
    They somehow sort of stumbled into the theatre one day and got a role and now they’re just sort of there. They’re really good, but you can’t help but feel like they’re out of place.

  12. There’s also the researcher, who will tell everyone that we are wearing the wrong style of pinafore and why the props aren’t really right for the era, who’s read every conceivable book about the story, the characters, the writers, the show itself and is a self appointed authority.
    And the package deal, a person of limited ability who is in the show because he or she is dating the lead, who only agreed to do the show if they could both be in it together.
    Also, the power tripper, who will wriggle into a position of some authority like director’s assistant and wear this title as a means to put others in their place.

  13. There’s also the underestimated. That kid who has actual talent but isn’t popular so they don’t really get recognized and everyone thinks they aren’t anything special

  14. How about The Slacker. The person who has plenty of talent, so often gets cast, but quickly gets a reputation for being late, not being off book yet, or missing rehearsals. They are an expert at excuses. Directors still want to cast them because they hope their talent will shine through, or maybe that this time will be different. Pisses off The Perfectionist to no end.

  15. The Musician: The theatre lover who does everything except act. He provides sound effects, music on multiple instruments, can accompany people on the piano, and also can run the sound board for the show. For those who have seen Zootopia, it is the bunny at the side of the stage making all of the sounds at the very beginning. I am that guy.

  16. The one who loves theater but has no idea what any of the shows are or what’s going on. Hamilton? Got to that party months after everybody was raving about them.

  17. That One Kid. The oddball who can sort of act, sing, or dance, but is mostly there because no other group would take him in. Nobody really knows a whole lot about him, but they’ll let him hang around as long as he’s useful. Generally knows a few good stories and sometimes, is surprisingly helpful.

  18. I’m definitely the overachiever

    The Costume guy
    That one person who just is way too much in the costume department. They can have a small role yet there costume is bigger then the lead.

  19. The Groupie: The person that loves every part of theater but is too scared to try out for anything. This person usually winds up doing the jobs that no one else wants to do, just to be part of the production. This person is usually the one that has the script, songs and blocking down first, but no one knows because they’re invisible.

  20. “The Devoted” or “the Die-hards”
    Those who always show up to everything from auditions to strike. Those who order pizza to the shop and think nothing of pulling an all-nighter to finish building or painting the set. The ones who fix things that break during the show no matter how many times they get broken or torn during the run. The ones that usher in the audience, run backstage to fly the main curtain, then wait patiently to assist in a quick costume change or wash some dishes that were used in scene 2 and get reused in scene 5. They are the ones that pick up the slack, pick up the trash, double check the prop table, and mouth the words to every song while they sit out of the way in the dark wings. They do it because they love it.

  21. I’m definitely a combination between the optimist, the jokester, and one that was not listed — the perfectionist. I’m always trying to figure the perfect way to give off an emotion or say a line, but when I mess, I’m really hard on myself.

  22. Also, the Passover.
    The one who gets through callbacks, pays their dues, and is really talented, but always gets passed over for the leading roles because the Annoying Talent and the Singer (who can sometimes be the same person) keep getting preferential treatment even though the Director claims they don’t play favorites.

  23. There’s the person that has been acting their entire life and therefore they believe that they should always be the lead, even though they never are because they aren’t as good as they think they are.

  24. What about the Shadow Director? You know, that one who knows exactly how the show SHOULD be done, is “offering” constantly, and doles out advice when the director’s back is turned. Sometimes he/she can be the saviour of the show, because he/she remembers the arrangement to the T and is able to help in case of mishaps (though he/she bitches afterwards about how un-logical the arrangement was and that no one could possibly remember it right – except for them, obviously).

  25. I used to be a set builder, given impossible unrealistic tasks by clueless designers and directors with no concept of words like “budget” or “timescale” but we always achieved the “impossible” lol

  26. Fat Girl Who Always Plays the Old Lady – [Cross Reference this with: “Bitter Character Actresses Who Want to Be Ingenues” or “Beautiful Ingenues Who Want To Be Smart an/or Witty”

    The Extremely Effeminate Still-Closeted Gay Boy Who Keeps Getting Cast in Butch Roles Because He Has The Best Voice In School

    “Their Parent Is Someone Important To Someone Important” Pity Casting – sometimes this can be how leading roles are determined, much to the chagrin of everyone more talented than the spoiled snot who got cast. [Cross Reference this with: Talented Kid Born to VERY Talented/Successful Parents.

    The Nemesis – A different person for everyone, but EVERYONE in a theater program has a nemesis. An evil foe who is constantly in contention.

    The “No Talent, But GREAT Personality and SUPER-fun At Rehearsal” – these are usually paired with SUPER-talented kids who the No-Talent can feel good about losing out to (because they’re SO good).

  27. Im defiently the over achiever and perfectionist but at the same time the underestimated. Directors cast me in lead roles and im a trained triple threat but I never feel any good because im not popular, people always question why I got the lead and not the queen bee. I once got dance captain for a major production but the cast decided that the popular girl would be a better dance captain instead (she was a good dancer but extremely lazy and never paid attention). They scheduled rehearsals without me and nothing ever got done so when the routines werent cleaned the director came down on me. I explained everything and the cast got shouted at but after that I was even less liked, and hated every minute of what was an amazing production because my fellow actors hated me. It makes me want to leave the industry when people act like that. There’s no need for it, just be supportive of each other at all times.

  28. I am the “Annoying Talent”, although I don’t think everyone hates me for it! LOL. Everyone is so freaking nice to me (But most of them are really good too) I feel like the kids in the theatre are my only friends. One thing I always do is give FACE ( and stay in the scene not matter what and I think that’s one of the reasons people say they couldn’t keep their eyes off of me. Check out some pics to see what I mean

  29. The backstage director: This is the person who thinks that their opinion is just as valued as the directors and they also think that they know everything about everyone’s character and how they should be portrayed… hahaha no thanks I didn’t ask for your opinion, Becky! #loathing

  30. I showed my friend the singer one and she thought it was written for me. I don’t dig in front of the rest of the class though. I hum because if I did anything louder my teacher would kill me. She only likes one person in our class everyone else is a disturbance. She made my sister boyfriend quit acting.

  31. OMG. I’m like a mixture of a few of them…
    Mostly the hidden talent, with some of the optimist and the jokester. At school, I’m that “shy” kid nobody knows, but outside of school, especially when I’m about to audition for a role, all I do is look up monologues and theatre memes. Right know, I’m in (a kid friendly version of) Guys and Dolls. I just have one thing to say: I SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN SARAH. But I guess I am the new kid(we moved), so maybe I’ll get the lead next time. Sorry for all that spiraling. I’m done now. I promise.

  32. Lol this is so acurate whats worse is i knew exactly what i was the second i saw it im totally the singer you even got the fact i sing hamilton all day non stop lol all hamilfans will get that pun ha!

  33. The Try Hard:
    Probably good at theatre and always prepares like crazy months before a how to no avail. Is very annoyed at the people who got the parts who arent even TRYING.

  34. the shy: the one with a lot of talent who can easily sing a beautiful solo or dance but they are too scared to even go onstage so they always have to have an understudy in case they throw up. The shy also usually ends up in tech or spot after

    The half and half: has a decent role in the play but is constantly with costume, tech, music, lighting. everyone gets help from the half and half, and its hard to tell weather they are tech or play, because they usually end up with a headset and lighting cues. they like the overachiever, just a torn between tech and stage version of themselves

    (this is always me, when my scene was in the very beginning of the play, I just rant to do spot for the rest of the show until I went on again and left my friend to do left and right spot alone 🙁

  35. Im part of my schools Tech Crew, Sound guy FTW!!!! I would also say that I would be a Mr. Stagefright, cause I love to act, but can’t sing for the death of me, thats why I’m on Tech Crew!!

  36. There’s the one who is in the crew, but it feels like they’re part of the cast because they’re always there. But it’s helpful because whenever the director/producer/choreographer (etc.) leaves or turns their back for a few seconds, they go up and quickly tell you what you’re doing wrong in a kind way so that you can fix it before someone notices.

    (this one is mostly for school productions) Then there is the one who only got in because they are the directors’ favorite. They have a lot of trouble learning any of the steps, but they are placed in the front anyways, and on opening night they look like they learned the steps five minutes before.

  37. DIrectors Pet:
    This is the kid who is very talented and is besties with the director. They stay after rehearsal every day just to talk to the director they always lead good rolls because they are suck-ups, but they are suck-ups because they are talented and dedicated so its okay

  38. I annoy all my cast mates (I don’t blame them) because this year the production had a lead who sang a lot and had to act a lot but had like no choreography but everyone else had choreography… like a lot so I was cast as lead b/c I can act really good (according to my director) and don’t suck too bad at singing but suck at choreography so I was cast as lead so they could save the people who were good at choreography for the parts that have it. I was literally lead for sucking at choreography!

  39. The One-Trick Pony

    This person is AMAZING at one aspect of theatre, but absolutely abhorrent at literally everything else involved. The great actor who can’t sing or dance. The lovely singer with no acting ability. The graceful dancer with not a drop of technical no-how. (Guilty of this)

    The Dramaturge

    This person KNOWS the show. They’ve researched it, in-depth, every line, every prior production, EVERYTHING. And they aren’t afraid to let people know when they’re wrong about something. (Also, guilty).

    The Wrong Voice

    The person who CAN sing…anything but theatrical music. A budding rock/pop/soul/country star who just wants to be on Broadway, but has the wrong voice for musicals.

  40. I don’t agree with this article. No one person fits one category. We are all made up of many things from our lives. This seems like a “punch down” towards theatrical people. And every category description has a negative vibe. Why not just love people for who they are. If a person can’t do that it usually means you don’t like something about yourself.

  41. Ensemblist. Never gets a lead or even a supporting role, no matter how hard they try, but they’re the best behaved of the ensemble kids
    Ingenue. Soprano. Always gets the leading lady (eg Maria Von Trapp, Mary Poppins) and is nice to everyone
    Diva. Gets roles like Sally Bowles and Velma Kelly, is the opposite of the ingenue. Like Annoying Talent but even more annoying.
    Child. Kid from local elementary/middle school that has played a Von Trapp child, orphan, or Gavroche/Little Cosette. It depends on the kid, can be annoying and precocious or nice to be around.

  42. I am the optimist and (crew version) Easygoer i.e. accepts whatever role they are given, arrives early (true to the adage) and leaves late just because they love the theatre. Often friends with overachiever due to an impulsive yes for long jobs.

  43. Thanks for letting us know about the different personalities that make up every theatre department like the annoying talent who performs naturally and need not work hard to act like the others. My friend is like that and so we have really been challenging her to try the showbiz world so that her talent will not be in vain. However, she just wants to have her talent displayed in minishow like in a town event like what we will be having this December and that will also require us to rent a mobile stage as the show must be redone in another nearby school.

  44. You missed the Outcast… I guess you could call it that. The outcast is the one who doesn’t really it in with the rest of the cast but love theatre so much that they don’t even care. Outcast are also usually the best at paying attention and knowing to move faster. This theatre kid is me.

  45. The Discouraged Kid: the one who has worked extremely hard on their auditions and tries to audition for everything they can for YEARS and they never get any role because of their director’s STUPID FAVORITISM so after 7 years of never getting anything, they eventually get discouraged and stop trying yet they’re extremely talented and people tell them they should be in theater and the kid wants to curl up and cry every time they receive that because no one, NO ONE, is willing to give them a shot. (Can you tell that I’m the discouraged kid?)

  46. there’s the one who isn’t even in the class because their crippling anxiety prevents them from acting but loves to sing and perform and is great at them, they constantly say’if i was more confident i would be in that class’ that was my best friend for years.she never took up drama.

  47. And how about the drifter. They are ensemble and they work really hard and practice the dances, and harmonys but is kinda lonely and doesn’t fit in with anybody. They are very talented but they are usually alto so they don’t get leads. Because they don’t get leads they think they arnt good enough so they try really hard to get better. They always record everybody’s harmony’s because they know everyone will forget to record it so they edit everyone’s part and send it to them. They usually just sit in the corner and listen to their recordings.

    I am a mix of outcast, that one kid, the undersestimated, and the drifter

  48. I believe I’m the Jokester, the Hugger, and the Fan. I’m always making my buddies laugh while we’re in the theatre, and if they EVER need a hug, they are getting at least two from me. If I have the money, I try to go to all of my friends shows, and to other community theatres to support the people there!

  49. I am totally the awkward one!!! PHAHAHHAH every one in class calls me that. It’s like my quirky nickname, but it is all in good fun;) I LOVE theater! SO FREaKing MuCH!!

  50. I would be the Hidden Talent if it wasn’t for my crippling fear of singing in front of people (especially the casting team in my school’s theatre department). So I guess that makes me the Awkward.

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