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14 Side Effects Of Being A Theatre Kid

A recent study that I made up shows that theatre kids might be susceptible to the following side-effects. If you experience any of the following symptoms, please contact your doctor immediately because you might be a theatre kid.

1. You’ve forgotten what the sun looks like

Theatre kids

Late rehearsals… enough said.

2. You talk to walls

14 Side Effects of being a theatre kid

No one has heard your audition piece more than that wall.

3. You only see your family when they come to your shows

14 Side Effects of being a theatre kid

With late nights and early mornings… you’re like a ghost in your own house.

4. Show tunes either excite you or infuriate you

14 side effects of being a theatre kid

One day you love them, the next day you hate them.

5. Your characters come out in front of other people

14 side effects of being a theatre kid

Embrace yourself even when others don’t.

6. When you don’t have rehearsal you’re not sure where to go

Theatre nerds

Having free time is so foreign.

7. School gets in the way of rehearsal

14 side effects of being a theatre kid

If only you could go to school… and just do rehearsal.

8. Your wardrobe is comprised of only show shirts

14 Side Effects of being a theatre kid

Someone else always wears the same show shirt as you to school.

9. You have a natural resentment towards athletes

Theatre Kids, Theatre Nerds

They might get all the glory, but we know where to find the real talent!

10. You know the proper way to spell “Theatre”


“Theater” refers to a building and “Theatre” refers to an art-form.

11. Limited social life

Theatre Nerds

The only people you are able to hang out with are the people listed in the program with you.

12. You don’t sleep

14 side effects of being a theatre kid

School + Rehearsal + Homework + Responsibilities + Everyone Else’s Problems = No Sleep

13. You’re broke

Theatre kids

You don’t have time for a job and all the fees add up.

14. You keep coming back for more


No matter how much it hurts sometimes… the reward is always worth it!

What are some of the side effects you’ve experienced from being a theatre kid? Leave a reply below…

Written by Eric Eidson

Eric is a playwright, director, actor, and theatre educator from Aurora, CO. He received his BA in Acting and Theatre Education, and is currently an MFA candidate at the Playwright's Lab at Hollins University. (Hi Mom!)


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  1. 13 Is the reason I have a job at Elitches. Like. I need to pay off these fees to go to New York and find Lin Manuel Miranda. And later stalk Casey Neistat. Don’t judge me Triple E. Smh.

  2. This is horribly accurate but I feel like it favors the actors we backstage people have our problems too. Costumes, Lights, set, props. When I worked Suessical I felt like I had to be 10 places at once. Not to mention that I was constantly picking up feathers lol. My high school drama class definitely had a “what is sleep?” problem. most of us were working on the show so we had been up all night at rehearsal so much so that our director (also our drama teacher) let sleep on the small stage attached to our classroom. She was pretty cool.

    • Omg Seussical is one of the busiest shows I’ve ever been part of. I was a stage management intern, plus a stage hand so. I had to pick up feathers move a small set piece, climb up a ladder do a clover drop, climb back down the ladder then run backstage to move the set piece again. Along with all the other things a stage manager does.

  3. Fat out, this is me, except I’m also an athlete. I think having increased stamina is the thing that keeps me going during long rehearsals

  4. Actually ‘THEATRE’ has always been spelt that way. The ‘Americanized’ spelling came into use some time after WW2 and was more commonly spelt ‘theater’ during the 1960’s, but mostly only in America. In most of Europe and Australia it is always spelt correctly.

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