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6 TV Shows From 2016 That Are Made for the Stage

The Golden Globes have come and gone, celebrating some of television’s best new shows. Much like theatre, TV continues to debut brand-new stories that inspire us, make us laugh and make us think. Though there are plenty of shows that deserve the stage treatment (”Game of Thrones,” “Younger” or “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” perhaps?”) we are dreaming about some of the small screen’s latest hits — those that premiered in 2016, to be exact — tackling theatrical adaptations.

Here are six TV shows we think are made for the stage:

1. “Stranger Things”

This Netflix wonder pays homage to the ‘80s in everything from setting to music to storyline. Whether you’re a sci-fi guru or not, “Stranger Things” has proven mass appeal due to its lovable characters, its quality acting and its unadulterated mystery. Reimagining this fantastical tale in stage form seems all too perfect — four brave kids embarking on an adventure that involves the ominous Upside Down practically screams good theatre. Plus, we want Eleven to sing a song about waffles, and we can’t help but wonder how costume designers might tackle creating a demogorgon!

2. “This Is Us”

Fans of the emotional rollercoaster that was NBC’s “Parenthood” have found reason to rejoice in 2016. “This Is Us” is just as deliciously dramatic, heartbreakingly harrowing and ferociously feel-good. Following a family comprising a hardworking dad, a dedicated mom and three triplets (one of whom is adopted), NBC’s new series devotes each episode to a different moment in the family’s life. Much like in real life, even the most insignificant moments prove to have a greater impact on the Pearson children’s adulthoods. It chronicles the clan’s ups and downs and might just make a powerful play.

3. “Westworld”

HBO’s mind-blowing new show has tons of bait to reel audiences in: cowboys, robots, plot twists and damsels-in-distress-who-need-no-man, to name a few. Throw in a couple of dance numbers, and we think a “Westworld” musical adaptation might golden. If you’re a diehard fan, you might be skeptical about The Man In Black belting a villainous song about The Maze or Dolores singing an angsty tune about self-awareness, but we think there’s some serious potential (if done right, of course).

4. “Insecure”

Issa Rae’s TV show evolved from her popular web series, “Awkward Black Girl.” Now, the story she writes is a critically acclaimed HBO hit and seriously ingenious. Rae stars in “Insecure,” which unveils the trials and victories of a modern-day black woman. This hilarious and heartwarming comedy brings one leading lady’s perspective to the small screen — why not bring it to the stage, too? Are you out there, theatre gods? We think this is a must.

5. “Atlanta”

The titular city’s iconic rap scene comes to light in FX’s newly debuted series, “Atlanta.” It recently snagged two Golden Globes for the “Best Musical or Comedy” category, which naturally makes this a flawless choice for theatre. Donald Glover created and stars in this sensation, and we can only hope that he considers taking it to the Great White Way. “Atlanta” isn’t your typical Broadway musical choice, but we’d love to see it translate to the stage.

6. “The Crown”

This Netflix original, which explores the early years of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, brings high fashion, deep storytelling and a glimpse into the inner-workings of England’s monarchy. Boasting a strong, female lead (who just happens to be a real-life rockstar), this unique series has tons of theatrical potential. Shakespeare fanatics will love the lavish language, while history buffs will geek out over the story’s look into the past. If a stage production were anything like the TV version, we bet the gorgeous costumes would be Tony Award material!

Want another TV show from 2016 to get the theatre nerd treatment? Share in the comments below…

Written by Kailey Hansen

Kailey received her B.A. in English, studied Shakespeare in London and interned at an opera house.

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