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16 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Tech Week

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From glow tape mishaps to hunger pains, we all know the strife tech week can cause. Let’s celebrate the joys and sorrows of the most beloved and feared week through the tweets of theatre nerds everywhere.

1. Tech week brings stress, a lack of sleep and, apparently, fire hazards.

2. Wardrobe malfunctions are inevitable.

3. How did thespians survive pre-Siri?

4. Tech brings out the inner motivational speaker in some…

5. …And dietary confusion in others.

6. You can play hide-and-go-seek with mic tape.

7. You’ll develop an unhealthy obsession with glow tape.

8. A sort-of romantic dinner atmosphere.

9. Dramaturgs do tech right.

10. Long days are fun days!

11. Celebrating the miracle that is a tear-free day.

12. The OCD techie’s nightmare.

13. There will be some improvising.

14. Snow White don’t care — it’s tech week.

15. Technology does not mix with set paint.

16. And this sums up everyone in the production right now.

Do these tweets describe your life during tech week? What are your favorite tech week-related stories? Let us know in the comments below…

Written by Lisa Kay Jennings

Lisa is a voice over actress and writer with her B.F.A in Acting from Wright State University. Lisa lives in Los Angeles and when she's not writing or performing she's usually drinking wine and dressing up her Shih Tzu in funny outfits.

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