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Why Titus Andromedon Is The Best Character On TV Right Now

Why Titus Andromedon Is the Best Character on TV Right Now

Anyone who watches “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” knows that the writers of the show love a good broadway reference. Titus Andromadon, Kimmy’s would-be actor roommate (played by Broadway veteran Tituss Burgess) who moonlights as a werewolf/waiter is always ready with a pithy jab at James Monroe Iglehart (aka Genie in Aladdin) or improvisational compositions such as “Outside bones, outside bones, never forget your teeth are outside bones.” Titus is our broadway-diva-spirit-animal who suffers wardrobe malfunctions, audition struggles, and occasionally a little cultural misappropriation. He reminds us that you don’t actually have to be in a show to sing on Broadway. He is the theatre nerd everyman that we all need and love. So, in an unabashed celebration of Titus and all of his glory…

Here are 10 reasons why Titus Andromedon is the best character on TV right now:

1. He doesn’t need a costume designer to show off his fabulous style.

From wearing a silk robe at home to a “Baby Slut” T-shirt in public, Titus certainly knows how to pull off an outfit no one else — literally no one else — can.

2. He is a deeply loyal friend — despite sometimes being a bad one.

Kimmy and Titus certainly have some ups and downs over the course of the series, but they always patch things up in the end.

3. He’s fiercely driven towards his Broadway dreams, but knows when enough is enough for one day.

We feel you, Titus. We really feel you.

4. He knows when to treat himself. With three pizzas. For one person.

If this isn’t a relatable jingle, I don’t know what is.

5. He personally turned the words “Pinot Noir” from a humdrum red wine to a cultural phenomenon.

Pinot Noir, leather bar, oh-so-close and yet so far. You’re welcome and I’m sorry — that song’s going to be in your head for the rest of the day.

6. He’s willing to go the extra (and super weird) mile to get a role.

Forget Disney’s acclaimed “Lion King,” this is the show we’d all like to see on the Great White Way!

7. He doesn’t doubt how perfectly awesome he is.

It isn’t easy to be super confident when you’re constantly being rejected audition after audition. But through it all, Titus retains his sense of self and that arrogant swagger we’ve all grown to love.

8. He isn’t afraid to improvise.

FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT! Titus might have been sick as a dog when performing this off-the-cuff jingle at an audition, but anyone who equates teeth with bats that hang from your face is an actual genius. Trident, take note.

9. He knows how to exit a room

All. The. Sass.

10. He has big-time “Hamilton” dreams, just like the rest of us.

Rap, rap, rappity, rap. Even though Titus said in a previous episode that the “Hamilton” show creators are “prejudiced because I can’t rap or walk quickly in a circle,” he puts his own Titus spin on the show and auditions anyway. A callback is unlikely, but none of us are complaining.

What’s your favorite Titus moment? What are you looking forward to next season? Let us know in the comments below…

Written by Brianna Hand

Bri Hand is a writer, editor, and theater aficionado based out of Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to performing in musicals throughout high school, Bri spends her time doing deep research on them to fuel both her writing and conversations.

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