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8 Songs For Your Pre-Audition Playlist

You’re at it again. There’s a bag slung over your shoulder and sheet music tucked under your arm. You painstakingly check your reflection in your cell phone, trill your lips up and down the scales and chug water — but not too much, of course.

Living the audition life is a feat as easy as landing a bell kick while belting a high-A in six-inch heels. And whether you’re waiting in traffic, waiting for your name to be called or waiting for a callback, you’ll spend a ton of time at the mercy of the American Idol-like panel judging your every move.

The next time you’re agonizingly waiting to hear whether you’ve made the cut, pop in your headphones and listen to our Audition Playlist, a collection of songs that feature the best — and worst — of the audition life as you inch your way closer and closer to your big break.

1. I Hope I Get It

This song from “A Chorus Line” is the quintessential audition song, with its crazy fast pacing and daunting number of hopeful dancers trying to make the cut. Listen to this one when you really need this job and are crossing your fingers (and toes) to get it.

2. Casting Call for a Best Friend

We all know that one person who somehow manages to show up at every single audition you’ve found within a 50-mile range. This person looks like you, talks like you, sings like you and dances like you, and it’s really starting to get on your nerves. Crank this one up when you’re in the mood to belt your face off and get out some pent-up aggression about that one person who is always stealing your dream part. Even better, find a friend to sing it with you.

3. Climbing Uphill

This tune from “The Last Five Years” absolutely captures some of the frustrations that come with the audition process. If your audition didn’t go as well as you wanted it to, cheer yourself up by singing Cathy’s self-deprecating inner monologue. Trust me, it will make you feel just a tad better.

4. I’m a Star

You did it! You nailed your audition, right down to the very last note! Turn up the volume for this jam as you burst your way through the doors and celebrate your budding stardom. Your include it in your pre-audition mix for an extra boost of confidence. You know you’re a star, and now it’s time for the rest of the world to find out too.

5. Auditions

For all you “Romeo and Juliet” lovers out there, this “Bare” tune perfectly captures all the hustle and bustle of a high school audition. Everyone wants a part, there aren’t enough roles to go around and ultimately, the person whose father owns a camcorder is favored when the cast list goes up (as the daughter of a videographer, I am now instantly questioning my own high school theater career — thanks a lot, “Bare”).

6. Smash!

Okay, okay, so just to clarify, I’m definitely not advocating for flirting with a director for a part. However, this “Smash” tune is so catchy and fun to sing that it deserves a spot on our Audition Playlist, even if it’s just for dancing around your room in front of a mirror to pump yourself up.

7. Electricity

“Electricity” from “Billy Elliot” is for when you’ve forgotten how it feels when you’re onstage, your skin glowing from the spotlights and adrenaline coursing through your veins as the audience erupts into thunderous applause.

Let’s be honest, no one loves auditioning. The rejection is devastating, it’s impossible to ever fully prepare and 16 bars never feels quite long enough to fully show off. However, through all of the nonsense, it’s good to be reminded once in awhile of the reason why you go through with it, the reason you stay the course even when things get hard: You love it.

8. Let Me Be Your Star

This “Smash” anthem beautifully represents all the hopes attached to every audition you go through. All it takes is one to be your big break, if someone will just give you the chance to let you be their star.

Whether you’ve been to more auditions than you can count or are facing your first one ever, this playlist will pump you up and make you feel less alone in your pursuit of theatrical fame.

What are your favorite pre-audition jams? Leave a reply below…

Written by Brianna Hand

Bri Hand is a writer, editor, and theater aficionado based out of Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to performing in musicals throughout high school, Bri spends her time doing deep research on them to fuel both her writing and conversations.

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