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Showbiz: The Hardest Profession In The World

As actors, we are no stranger to the emotional roller coaster ride that is auditioning. So why do we go through all the trouble? The answer is simple; nothing can compare to the thrill of nailing the part and fulfilling your dreams on stage.

In honor of actors everywhere, here are some of those emotions we experience, represented through gifs from one of my all time favorites, The Graham Norton Show​.

Walking into the audition with confidence.


When you see how long the line is to get in and someone asks you if you are here for the audition…


When someone speaks to you in line.

theatre nerds

Then you recognize someone and say all the wrong things…

Theatre Nerds

Your number is called and you walk into the warm up rooms to see something like this?


You go back and the director seems woefully unimpressed…but they send you on to dance call…


You think you’re completely unprepared for the dance call….


They question you on your special skills which you have listed ‘Stage Combat’…


And whatever this is…


When you’re reading with someone and there’s a big kiss at the end and only ONE of you goes for it… #awkward


You walk out not really knowing how you did.


It’s been two days and no phone call…


BUT, after about a week of worrying, you (hopefully) get the call saying you got the part!!!​


Though the life of a performer is full of uncertainty and disappointment, we live for the rush of it all. Now you just can’t wait for the adrenaline that you’ll feel on the first day of rehearsal!

Have a similar experience? We’d love to hear your audition stories, leave a comment below…

Post by Samantha Shepherd, Theatre Nerds Contributor

Written by Samantha Shepherd

Samantha is a sophomore at the University of North Texas working towards a BFA in Theatre Arts

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