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The Top 10 #hamiltrash Tweets Of The Week Because Why Not

Twitter is…well…Twitter. And #hamitrash is a thing. Wondering if your Hamilton obsession has reached #hamiltrash territory? Here’s your measuring stick…

1. hannah is overcome.

2. John gets put in his place…

3. She gets a Hamil-homecoming proposal…

4. Dalton’s emotional train ride (must play video).

5. mj gets some “Non-Stop” help from his “friends”.

6. Amy made a Hamilton spoon vinyl decal, because why not.

7. Turning grandma into hamiltrash…

8. Dr. Who won’t even keep you safe.

9. Forget the Tweet, my name is Linnamon Roll Hamfan.

10. Avery’s wall of no-shame.

Note: We love and fully accept all you #hamiltrash, we’re theatre nerds after all!

Are you #hamiltrash? Send us your tweets and we may just include them in the next round!

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